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The INSTPFIP packet

The INSTPFIP packet lists the header items which define the state of the Prime Focus Instrument Platform. The header records should be as follows:

PFADCSTA = REAL               / ADC Element angle at approx. start of exposure (degs)
PFADCEND = REAL               / ADC Element angle at approx. end of exposure (degs.)
PFMFNAME = CHAR               / Name of PFIP Main Filter
PFMFPOS  = INTEGER            / PFIP Main Filter position
PFAFILT  = CHAR               / Name of PFIP Autoguider Filter
PFAGX    = INTEGER            / PFIP Autoguider X-position (microns)
PFAGY    = INTEGER            / PFIP Autoguider Y-position (microns)
PFTEMP   = INTEGER            / PFIP Temperature at start of exposure (deg C)
PFHUM    = INTEGER            / PFIP Relative Humidity at start of exposure (% RH)

Craige Bevil