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The INSTTAUR packet

The INSTTAUR packet lists the header items which define the state of TAURUS 2. The header records should be as follows:

TAUCAMER= CHAR              / Name of camera (f/2 or f/4)
TAUFRAT = REAL              / F ratio of camera (2.11 or 3.96)
TAUSCALE= REAL              / Plate  scale (23.25 or 12.40 arcsec/mm)
TAUMASK = CHAR              / Name of aperture mask
TAUFFILT= CHAR              / Name of focal plane filter
TAUIRIS = INTEGER           / Iris diameter (mm)
TAUPFILT= CHAR              / Name of pupil plane filter
TAUETALO= CHAR              / Name of etalon in beam
TAUFOCUS= REAL              / Camera focus (microns)
TAUDOORS= CHAR              / Status of access hatches
TAUTEMP1= INTEGER           / Temperature at focal plane (0.1K)
TAUTEMP2= INTEGER           / Temperature at etalon (0.1K)
TAUTEMP3= INTEGER           / External temperature (0.1K)
TAUPRES1= INTEGER           / Pressure in etalon cavity (mbar)
TAUPRES2= INTEGER           / External pressure (mbar)
TAUIVL  = CHAR              / Status of N2 inlet valve
TAUOVL  = CHAR              / Status of N2 outlet valve
CSCEXT  = LOGICAL           / CS100 external control enabled ?
CSCINT  = LOGICAL           / CS100 integration enabled ?
CSCGAIN = INTEGER           / CS100 servo gain
CSCTICO = INTEGER           / CS100 servo time constant
CSCLOOP = CHAR              / Status of CS100 servo loop
CSCVOLTS= INTEGER           / Name of etalon being servoed
CSCXOFF = INTEGER           / CS100 X-offset
CSCYOFF = INTEGER           / CS100 Y-offset
CSCZOFF = INTEGER           / CS100 Z-offset
CSCZSTAR= INTEGER           / Start position for etalon scan
CSCZSTEP= INTEGER           / Step size for etalon scan
CSCNSTEP= INTEGER           / No of steps in etalon scan
CSCRAMP = CHAR              / Single or double-side ramp ?
TAUFPSTE= INTEGER           / Number of IPCS frames per etalon step
PAOFFSET= REAL              / Instrument p.a. - telescope p.a. (degs)


Craige Bevil