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La Palma: operation from CD-ROM (emergencies only)

If the disk containing the GSC is, for some reason, inaccessible, then the software can access the original CD-ROM version of the catalogue. The disks are mounted on LPVS3 (LPVS3$DKB400: and DKB500:) and the drives are located next to this VaxStation. The disks should be permanently loaded in the two drives. If they are not, consult the software group (who may be using the system for VMS documentation). Do not attempt to (un)load CD's until you have had a lesson from a qualified person. It does not matter which disk goes in which drive.

Warning: the v1.1 release of the GSC should always be used, as our copies of the v1.0 disks generate an unacceptable number of hardware read errors.

In order to set up to work with the CD-ROM version, type:

The system should respond with the GSS> prompt after the 15 seconds or so needed to mount the CD's. If the program is being run by someone else, there will be an error message to the effect that the disks are allocated to another user. In this case, type SHOW DEVICE/FULL LPVS3$DKB and note the username. Contact the offending person and ask them to exit from the GSS and/or dismount the disks. The EXIT command will automatically dismount the CD-ROMs, but if you have to use CNTRL Y to abort GSS, you will need to type:
If you wish to revert to the magnetic disk version, type
to reset the logical name.

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