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La Palma: normal operation

In order to allow access to the GSC by multiple users, and to improve access speed, the catalogue has been copied to a magnetic disk, which should be visible to any machine in the cluster. To set up the logical names needed to run the GSS on La Palma, execute the command procedure:

(you may find it convenient to add this to your LOGIN.COM file). Then type
to start the software. It occasionally happens that the catalogue disk is not mounted on every node in the cluster. In order to check its availability, type:
You should see something like:
Device                  Device           Error    Volume          Free Trans Mnt
 Name                   Status           Count     Label        Blocks Count Cnt
LPVS3$DKB300:           Mounted              0  GSTARCAT        762004    1   8
If the disk is not mounted, try logging into the captive account MDISK from a DECserver terminal or an X-terminal LAT session (not from a remote machine) and following the instructions. If you still cannot mount the disk, try running GSS from LPVS3 (to which the disk is physically attached). If all else fails, use the CD-ROM version (see below).

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