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The GSS may be run from any account on the La Palma Vax Cluster or on the software development Vaxes at RGO. In the latter case, outside users are not normally allowed, so a dedicated account with restricted privileges has been set up for the express purpose of running GSS. Both sets of machines are accessible over the Internet. The first step is always to set up the logical names needed by GSS, which requires a command procedure to be run from the login prompt. Thereafter, the software is started by the command GSS, which gives a GSS> prompt, and stopped by EXIT. If for any reason the GSS gets stuck, try CNTRL Z to stop an application and return to the prompt. If all else fails, CNTRL Y will abort the program and return you to the operating system prompt. In the rest of the manual, instructions to be typed are shown as follows:

where $ and >GSS are the VMS and GSS prompts. Neither the GSS software nor the VMS operating system are case-sensitive. Both support minimum-match abbreviation of commands.

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