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RGO: the GSS account

In Cambridge, the GSS may be run from any account on the software engineering group Vaxes (GXSEG0, GXSEG1 or GXSEG2). Users without their own account should log in to the GSS account. The password to this account will change periodically: please e-mail Marion Fisher to find out the current password ( To access GXSEG0 remotely, use:

and log in with username GSS and the current password. The appropriate initialisation is done automatically, so to start the software, just type:
If you wish to display plots on a remote X-windows device, type:
before starting GSS. The GSS account has been allocated enough disk space to allow users to store output and plot files (it is a good idea to create a new subdirectory for the purpose). Files may be copied to another machine using ftp, but VMS mail is disabled. Please delete unwanted files as soon as possible: in any case they will be removed automatically after 60 days. Users who already have an account on the cluster should execute the command:
before starting GSS. By default, the software uses a version of the GSC on magnetic disk: the CD-ROM version of the catalogue is not normally available, and would be loaded only by special request in the event of a disk crash.

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