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Scheduled Survey Periods

The following nights are scheduled for Survey programmes during semester 2001A (1 February to 31 July 2001).

Please note that the definitive schedules are held on-line at, these should be refered to before making travel arrangements.

The schedules for [98B], [99A], [99B], [00A], and [00B], are still available.

Dates Programme ID
14 - 19 Feb 2001 The INT Wide Angle Survey
20 - 22 Feb 2001 The Local Group Census
16 - 21 Mar 2001 Multicoloured large area survey of the Virgo cluster
22 - 24 Apr 2001 The Local Group Census
13 - 18 Jun 2001 The Oxford Deep WFC Survey
14 - 19 Jul 2001 An Imaging Programme for the XMM-Newton Serendipitous X-Ray Sky Survey
20 - 25 Jul 2001 The Faint Sky Variability Survey II

We ask that authors making use of this data employ the standard acknowledgement in their papers.

Further details may be obtained from the WFS Project Manager, Nic Walton (

This page last updated: 11 June 2001