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The Wide Angle Survey
PI: Dr Richard McMahon

Summary of Programme

We propose to carry out the first major fully digital, multi-epoch and multi-waveband wide angle survey over a significant area (more than 100 square degrees) of sky. The survey parameters have been carefully chosen to maximise the scientific impact without compromising the individual science goals. The proposed survey encompasses a wide range of strategic areas of topical and future interest, ranging from the determination of cosmological parameters to searches for Solar System objects. Optimal use of the INT WFC will allow exploration of new areas of parameter space with respect to currently available wide area survey data, including:

  • enhanced dynamic range and photometric precision
  • significantly wider wavelength coverage
  • the attainment of lower surface brightness levels
  • digital astrometric capabilities
  • in depth exploitation of temporal variability signatures
This enhancement over currently achievable survey capabilities will lead to enormous advances on a wide range of astrophysical fronts. Although this proposal is targeted at a series of specific goals, we anticipate that by our judicious selection of survey passbands, exposure times, observing strategy and survey regions, the data will be readily usable for a much wider series of improtant astronomical applications. This will maintain and extend the UK and NL's pre-eminence in wide field survey astronomy.

The Wide Angle Survey homepage gives more information about this project.

The complete application is available for download in gzipped postscript format.

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