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The Local Group Census
PI: Dr Nicholas Walton

Summary of Programme

The Local Group Census (LGC) will provide a unique deep narrow band image resource of all Local Group (LG) galaxies in the northern hemisphere (M_V brighter than -14). This will enable both old and new emission line populations (e.g. PN, LBVs) to be cataloged to unprecedented levels. The LGC will be enhanced with complementary broad band data to probe the linkages between stellar populations (e.g. AGB --> PN) in the range of LG galaxies. Analysis of the population samples across the wide range of galaxy types seen in the LG will aid in the understanding of the LG evolutionary processes, and the role of the stellar populations in e.g. chemical enrichment of the LG. The LGC object catalogues will be an invaluable resource for further spectroscopic and kinematical studies with 8-m telescopes.

The Local Group Census homepage gives more information about this project.

The complete application is available for download in gzipped postscript format.

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