- Go to the tower. Power on the Telescope using the APC.

- Release the clamps and park manually the telescope at zenith and in azimuth close to the mark.

- Use the Handset and navigate in the menu:

Select. Align (enter) > Align on home. wait till the telescope reaches the home position: Elevation 0 and Azimuth close to the mark.

Select. Align (enter) > Align two stars. Select two stars at the north, before and after meridian, elevation about 60 degrees. Point the first one and center it using the telescope finder and after center in the MASS device finder.Once is center press ENTER. Go to the second star, do the same.

Check pointing and SYNC using the last star. OBJect[enter]>Star[enter]>name[enter]..navegate through the star catalogue and select the star (e.g. Capella)

> GOTO (button)

Center with the MASS finder inside of the circle

Once is centered. Press the button ENTER till bit and message "Syncronized"