Observing procedure. After Manual pointing or after park telescope (normal park).



Connect to the CDIMM pc via VNC. Run the AutoStar program and connect to the telescope using the Remote Handset (key F9).

Navigate in the menu to select the first star, before meridian and point to the first star (eg. Capella)Use the arrows N-S, E-W to move the star in the field.


Run the ATIK CCD to center the star in the point aligned with the MASS finder.


Connect to DIMM Pc via VNC (see PC Desktop). Run CDIMM (icon). Wait till all the windows pop up.

  • Select the same star that we use to point. eg. , Capella (Alp AUR).
  • Take loop image.
  • If the star( two point) is not in the center. Run CENTER 2.
  • CDIMM gui: [Unchecked] no auto-focus in CDIMM MENU
  • [Unchecked] No automatic star selection.


RUN turbina when the sun is a -12 degrees from the horizon.

  • Connect to MASS using ssh -l massive -X Usr:massive, pwd:attack1.
  • Run TURBINA. cd/opt/turbina/bin/./turbina Wait to see the guis.
  • Select the same star that we are using in the CDIMM.


Once we have the two spots in the center of the CDIMM we can start to run the observations.

  • Select the same stars in the two systems; CDIMM and TURBINA.
  • TURN ON HIGH VOLTAGE in Turbina gui..
  • Move the star off the display and take BACKGROUND in TURBINA. Once finish. Move back the same amount and center in the display.
  • If the star is not in the center. RUN CENTER 2.


  • Run AUTODIMM and we can see that Turbina is activated the Scenario: SVmeasurements, this takes measurements every minute.

The maximum airmass allowed is 1.5, I'd suggest to change star at 1.4.

Check in the log message window (CDIMM) the following message for correct data measurements: MASS(OK<-, wait:65)


Select star at North, dec~+40 and with a transit below of 70 degrees.

  • Select star in the CDIMM gui. Move to.
  • Select the same star in Turbina.
  • Center the star using the ATIK.
  • CDIMM take loop image. identify the two star.
  • Run CENTER 2.
  • run AUTODIMM.