udas_pkt_bridge command

This page is part of the ING manual INS-DAS-29 Operations manual for UltraDAS.


The packet collector bridge provides a bridge between the udas_hct using CORBA packet colection calls, and DRAMA header collection tasks. CORBA calls (PacketCollector_i::Archive_B and PacketCollector_i::Archive_E) from the header-collection task (HCT) to the packet collector bridge task are passed to the corresponding DRAMA task as ARCHIVE_B and ARCHIVE_E DRAMA actions.

The header-collection task (HCT) mediates the collection of FITS-header packets from the ICS and TCS.



   udas_pkt_bridge <Packet collector name> <Drama task> &
where <Packet collector name> is the CORBA name reference of the packet collector bridge in the PacketCollector name service context
where <Drama task> is the name of the DRAMA task that provides the FITS headers via the ARCHIVE_B and ARCHIVE_E DRAMA actions


Start a packet collection bridge named MCAPKT to the MCA DRAMA task
   udas_pkt_bridge MCAPKT MCA &

Start a packet collection bridge named TCSPKT to the TCS DRAMA task running on computer ${tcs_node}
   udas_pkt_bridge TCSPKT TCS@${tcs_node} &

Notes and caveats:

The udas_pkt_bridge is normally started by startobssys on the system computer. Observers should not normally have to invoke udas_pkt_bridge directly.