ING logoudas_camera command

This page is part of the ING manual INS-DAS-29 Operations manual for UltraDAS


This command starts a server programe for one camera. It is an engineering command.

The camera-server programme is the heart of the DAS. It runs on the DAS computer and:

(The camera server doesn't make the tea, but only because standard programmes for making tea and coffee are supplied with DRAMA.)

There is one camera server per active camera.


   udas_camera <telescope> <instrument> <camera> <interface-device> &
where: Case is significant in formal names.

It is possible to run udas_camera in simulation mode. In this case, replace the name of the interface device with the name of a simulation file holding a picture to be "read out" from the camera. A selection of suitable files - tek.sim, eev42-1amp.sim, eev42-2amp.sim and wfc.sim - come with the udas_camera sources.

Notes and caveats

Udas_camera is normally invoked via startobssys on the DAS computer. Observers should not normally have to invoke udas_camera directly.

Typical interface-devices are /dev/astro0 and /dev/astro1 on S-bus computers, and /dev/astropci0 and /dev/astropci1 on PCI computers.

Udas_camera replaced udas_server in the transition from system s8 to s9.