shutdownobssys command

This page is part of the ING manual INS-DAS-29 Operations manual for UltraDAS.


Shutdownobssys stops programmes in the observing system.


   (the prompt returns in the terminal)

Notes and Caveats:

If you restart the DAS (e.g. stop it with shutdownobssys or reboot the DAS computer), you must run startobssys first on the DAS computer and then on the system computer. The first instance of the command starts the DAS servers and the second remakes the communications links between the two computers.

If you reset a camera using the dasreset command, you do not need to run startobssys on either the DAS computer or the system computer.

If you come to the telescope and find the system partly up but some displays missing from the system computer you can restore them by running startobssys on the system computer. You do not need to shut any part of the system down before doing this.