dasreset command

This page is part of the ING manual INS-DAS-29 Operations manual for UltraDAS.


Dasreset resets the software and  hardware of one camera. The camera goes off-line for a few seconds and comes back refreshed.

These things happen the during reset (but not necessarily in the order listed):

During the reset the DRAMA links between the DAS computer and the system computer remain in place. This means that the mimic diagrams remain connected and there is no need to do startobssys on the system computer after the reset.

Dasreset is the approved way of loading a changed configuration into the camera. It is also the first step in recovering from persistent problems in the detector controller. However, dasreset cannot cure problems in DRAMA communications.


   dasreset [<camera>]

Notes and caveats:

Dasreset can be run either on the system computer or directly on the DAS computer.

Dasreset returns control to the caller as soon as the camera goes off-line. In fact, the reset isn't complete (and the camera isn't ready for use) for several seconds after the reset. Watch the talker window to see when the camera comes back on-line.

Dasreset will not be able to cure a problem under these conditions: