promote command

This page is part of the ING manual INS-DAS-29 Operations manual for UltraDAS.


Promote changes the name of a scratch file such that the file is detected and processed by the logging and archiving software. The file becomes indistinguishable from one produced by the run command.


   promote <file-number>
where file-number is the number of the scratch file: the n in Note that promote neither knows nor cares which camera produced the scratch file and so does not take the "camera" argument used by other UltraDAS commands. The promoted scratch file will acquire the next available run number.

Notes and caveats:

To maximise the speed of execution of the promote command, only two directories are used to search for the scratch file, the current working directory, and the current obsdata directory. Promote deals with multiple files like this:
  1. If a scratch file with the right number is in the user's current working directory when promote is run, then that file is promoted and no further search is made.
  2. The current obsdata directory in the file system mounted at /obsdata is searched for scratch files with the right number.

Promoting a file renames it. The scratch file is no longer available under its old name.

Files created with the glance command named can be promoted, but be aware that glance observations do not collect all of the FITS headers, so it is better to promote files created using the scratch command.