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These pages detail developments concerning the ING's Wide Field Imaging Survey Programme

Survey observations with the Wide Field Camera on the INT

If you make use of WFS data please use the standard acknowledgement .

The ING UK/NL Joint Steering Committee decided at its meeting in May 1998 to devote a substantial fraction of observing time on the INT to survey observations. This decision followed from the Announcement of Opportunity which was issued earlier in the year and met with a very good response. An independent assessment panel recommended priorities and the amount of observing time that should be devoted to these survey observations.

It was considered timely, given the advent of the Wide Field Camera, to exploit this unique instrument extensively, in particular for survey observations serving a wide community. This allows the telescope to evolve in a way that takes into account the optimal use of the new generation of large telescopes. In addition, severe budgetary constraints on the operation of the ING telescopes forces the observatory to look for more cost effective ways of running the telescopes. The survey observations provide a step in this direction.

Observing time was granted under the condition that raw and reduced data will be made available to the UK/NL community as quickly as possible after the observations were taken, to allow fast exploitation of the unique database.

Information on the successful survey applications, the observing schedule, and details regarding access to the data can be found on INGs web pages.

Rene Rutten
Director, ING

The Announcement of Opportunity sets the scene.

Access to the raw data obtained on the survey nights is now available. Processed data will be made available approximately one month after acquisition.

The survey makes use of the recently upgraded Wide Field Camera of the 2.5-m Isaac Newton Telescope. User notes on its operation give the zeropoints.

The Cambridge Wide Field Survey Unit has more extensive pages on the survey.

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