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Photographic plates - Obsolete, uncorrected

The size of the plate required is no longer available from Kodak a I ad plates must be cut by the observer or arrangements made with the Photographic: technician. Special emulsions ,nay have to be supplied by the observer.

Hypersensitizing of plates is also possible provided adequate notice is given. Baking in forming; gas was used C> C> for the commissioning observations.

Plate processing with bubble burst agitation is performed in the build for the Kapteyn Telescope but plate cutting, hypering and storage T 7 facilities are located in the @@T building..

metric,).;:. calibration of plates requires the use of the calibration spectrograph also located in the INT building. There is insufficient room on the small plates for the calibration spectra. Calibration and astronomical spectra have to be exposed on their respective spectrographs, using.- plates from the same batch. The plates should then be cam simultaneously but the system is not ideal.

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