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Set the CCD readout speed, window and binning as required;
         SYS> quick
         SYS> window 1 0 0 0 0
         SYS> bin 1 1
will set the standard configuration. Then select the filter and make sure the lightpath is to the CCD
         SYS> filter I
         SYS> tv off
and check the mimic display to see if everything is OK.

Use one of the following

         SYS> run t name
         SYS> multrun n t name
to do a t seconds integration, which will be called "name", or alternatively, to do n multiple exposures of t secs each. While a RUN is in progress you can monitor its status on the CCD-STATUS display.

You can change a run that is exposing with the NEWTIME, FINISH, and ABORT commands. You first have to put the RUN process in the background with

         ^Z        (type Cntr-Z)
         SYS> bg
to gain control over the process. Then you can issue one of the following commands
         SYS> newtime 1200
         SYS> finish
         SYS> abort
The first command changes the exposure time to 1200 seconds, the second command stops the exposure and reads out the frame into a normal file, the last command aborts the exposure and no file is saved.

Use the command

         SYS> killmultrun
to abort an ongoing MULTRUN.