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General description

The Jacobus Kapteyn Telescope (JKT) has a parabolic primary mirror of diameter 1.0 m with two interchangeable secondaries. It is equatorially mounted, on a cross-axis mount, which allows operation east or west of the pier. Normally it is East of the pier, if operation West of the pier is required the user should contact the telescope manager in advance to ensure that the appropriate pointing model is in place. There is a choice of two secondary mirrors. The f/8.06 Harmer-Wynne system uses a spherical secondary and a doublet corrector to give a field of 90 arcmin diameter for photographic astrometry over a wide field. The other secondary is a hyperboloid, which gives a conventional f/15 Cassegrain focus. The telescope is shown in Figure gif.

The JKT is normally operated by the observer. Further details of the telescope and its control system are given in the ``Jacobus Kapteyn Telescope User Guide''.


Figure: Schematic views of the JKT. (a) From the north (b) From the west

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