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NAOMI Documentation Set

Due to the large volume of NAOMI engineering documents an attempt has been made to group the documents by discipline, by component and by date.  It maybe easier finding a document by linking to a subset rather than looking through the complete list.  The final table on this page links to the list of outstanding documents as well as the complete list.  

Most of the documents are available in both html and pdf format.  The document's original format (mainly doc) are stored in the ING CVS repository.  Any modifications MUST be made to the checked out original version before published.  The documents have only been converted to html format to allow readers to copy and paste information.

Hard Copies of the full NAOMI Documentation Set (- 3 A4 folders), are stored in the Instrument Manager's Office at SLO and in the WHT Control Room at ORM.

By Discipline





Electronics Software Detector Commissioning / Testing


By Component





By Date

pre-PDR (<- 97)

PDR-CDR (97 - 98)

post CDR (98 ->)


Complete and Outstanding Document Lists

Complete Document List

Outstanding Document List

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