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Course Lecturers

Prof J C Dainty is Science Foundation Ireland Research Professor at the National University of Ireland, Galway.  He has co-authored more than 110 papers on imaging and scattering and is currently involved in several projects on adaptive optics.  These include investigations of low cost adaptive optics, involving membrane, bimorph and MEMS mirror technology, and the application of adaptive optics in vision science.  He is a fellow of the OSA, SPIE and the Institute of Physics, and is currently President of the European Optical Society.

Dr G D Love is a lecturer in physics at the University of Durham.  His research revolves around liquid crystal devices and their application in adaptive optics.  He is particularly interested in their industrial and medical applications.  He has worked on adaptive optics for 10 years and has co-authored approximately 30 papers.  Dr Love spent 2 years at the Air Force Research Labs working on adaptive optics and a year at the Raman Research Institute, India, as a Royal Society Visiting Fellow.  He is a member of the OSA and the Institute of Physics.

Dr R M Myers is a lecturer in physics at the University of Durham. His research is in the area of astronomical adaptive optics and laser guide stars (LGS), and he was the project scientist for PPARC UK Astronomical Adaptive Optics Programme, and for the NAOMI common-user facility AO system on the WHT. His current work involves LGS technologies scalable to Extremely Large Telescopes  

Dr C Paterson is a Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Photonics Group at Imperial College London.  His research is centred on industrial applications of adaptive optics and he is active in several projects including research into new types of wavefront sensors, adaptive optics for microscopy, and system based on low cost technologies such as membrane and bimorph mirrors.  He has extensive experience in practical aspects of implementing adaptive optics and has built complete working systems.  He has co-authored approximately 20 papers on adaptive optics and propagation.

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