This is the lastest attempt to combine the electronics documentation into a convenient and user friendly format. Some of the manuals which previously existed only as printed documents are now available in HTML and links have been created within them to provide easy access to the information required. Much of the material has been re-edited to reflect the technical changes made at the ING over the years.

Some of the documents (such as the CAMAC manuals) have been converted to PDF format making them readable on Unix systems. If a manual gets lost or damaged, a new copy can be printed. The original documents were generated using MS Word 2000 and the drawings made using VISIO 5. These are archived in the sub-directories of :  ~eng/document_archive/electronics/

The main source of electronics information is contained within the TECHNICAL MANUAL INDEX. There is one for each telescope and lists the technical manuals available and their contents complete with data sheets, circuit diagrams etc. Most of the information within these manuals is NOT available on the Web. In most cases, a printed document or circuit diagram is far more useful to the technician than a document in electronically readable format.

The WHT technical manuals are stored in the operations room. The technical manuals for the INT are located in the old reception office on the first floor and for the JKT, in the control room.

Within the WHT HTML documention, a section has been introduced called TROUBLESHOOTER. This contains information useful to solving any problems that may arise with the telescope. Known problems with the INT and JKT are covered within the pages relating to those telescopes.

Covers all systems with associated ED drawing numbers
WHT documentation
INT documentation
JKT documentation
CAMAC manuals
Dome control
Includes ED drawing numbers and covers TEM-L and TASC controllers
Time Service
ING Time service   Covers all telescopes

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Last Updated: 7th June 2010
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