AF2 and WYFFOS Daily Duty Checks

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The following commands that  are to be typed at the AF2 window running on Taurus.

Before  doing checks, make sure the af2 server is running on AF2pc1. > af2 ping  If no response reboot the PC which is in the electronics room in Ghril


  1. Waking the robot.
  2. Turn on the WYFFOS back-illumination.
  3. View a science fibre.
  4. View a guide fibre.
  5. Load the small fibre module.
  6. Turn off the backillumination
  7. Park the AF2 Robot
Testing the AG heads used for acquisition and guiding
  1. Turn off all dome lights
  2. Turn the Wyffos calibration lamps on.
  3. Take an 1 sec exposure with AG1 (autoguider)

              You should see the ten fiducial bundles now

  1. To test AG2 we need some light on the mobile probe. This probe is the small white circle on the grey square that represents the gripper body (on AF2 mimic). Now make sure the mobile probe is in the field
  2. Take a 1 second exposure with AG2

            The mobile probe should be illuminated now

  1. Sleep the robot
Testing WYFFOS  Spectrograph and CCD

This is not a detailed check but proves communications. Moving other things like the grating can disturb the observers set-up.

  1. Make sure the Nitrogen flush for the CCD window is switched on (especially in winter with humid conditions). On the black mimic check if the LN2 is on. If not tick the button on the Instrument Control Console for LN2 flow.
  2. Switch neon lamp on 
  3. Take an exposure with wyffos on taurus 
  4. Switch calibration lamps off
  5. Take a bias frame with wyffos on taurus
Testing the ADC.
  1. Use the wyffos mimic to display corrector element positions. This assures that both prisms are moving.

    Another way of doing this test, is using the Instrument Control Console and ticking the corresponding buttons.


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