Monday 15

 17:30  Registration
 18:30  Welcome Cocktail   

Tuesday 16 

9:00 - 12:35  MORNING SESSION:  The outburst                                         (chairman H. Bond)
 20                R. Rutten     Opening and welcome address. Adaptive optics developments at the WHT                     
 25+10             A. Henden     Optical and IR photometric evolution                                                     
 25+10             U. Munari     Optical spectroscopic evolution                                                          
                                Coffee Break (30 min) 

 25+10         N.Ashok et al.    V838 Mon: Spitzer observations                                             
 15+5               N. Evans     Infrared observations of V838 Mon                                                        
 15+5             D.K. Lynch     Recent infrared spectroscopy of V838 Mon (2005-2006)
 15+5     A. Henden, C. Dahn     Results on V838 Mon distance from trigonometric parallax measurements
15:00 - 18:30  AFTERNOON SESSION: Circumstellar and interstellar medium, ejecta         (chairman N. Patat)

 15+5 S.Desidera, A. Siviero     Polarimetric evolution                                                                   
 15+5        J.P. Wisniewski     The spectropolarimetric evolution of V838 Mon                                            
 15+5             S. Deguchi     SiO maser emission in V838 Mon                                                            
 15+5            M. Claussen     Variable SiO maser emission from V838 Mon   PPT
 15+5              B. Barber     Use of BT2 water line list to measure temperature and
                                 column density evolution in V838 Mon    

                                 Coffee Break (30 min) 

 15+5            T. Kaminski     Observations of V838 Mon and the nearby region in the 
                                 12CO J=1-0, J=2-1 and  J=3-2 transitions      
 15+5             T. Geballe     Spectroscopy of carbon monoxide in V838 Mon and what it tells us                         
 15+5              L. Crause     Spectroscopy and photometry of V838 Mon at SAAO                                          
 15+5    I. Kolka, T. Kipper     Spectral variability and binary nature of V838 Mon                                       

Wednesday 17

9:00 - 12:25  MORNING SESSION: Light echo: theory, HST and related events              (chairman N. Evans)

 25+10           B. Sugerman     An introduction to scattered-light echoes                                                
 25+10               H. Bond     V838 Mon light-echo evolution from HST observations                                               
 25+10              N. Patat     Light echoes of supernovae 

                                 Coffee Break (30 min) 

 25+10               A. Rest     Light echoes of SNe in the LMC                                                           
 25+10             B. Sparks     HST polarimetry of V838 Mon light echo
15:00 - 18:30  AFTERNOON SESSION: Light echo evolution from ground-based observatories        (chairman T. Geballe)

 15+5              A. Henden     USNOFS observations of the echo evolution                                                
 15+5           M. Santander     Light-echo evolution from ING observations                                               
 15+5              L. Crause     SAAO observations of the echo evolution                                                  
 15+5             T. Liimets     The light-echo of V838 Mon                                                               

                                 Coffee Break (30 min) 

 15+5            E.L. Martin     Spectroscopic gravity sensitive features in the post-outburst 
                                 spectrum of V838 Mon
 15+5      M. Afsar, H. Bond     A young open cluster surrounding V838 Mon                                                
 15+5           V. Goranskij     Historical light curves of peculiar novae V838 Mon and V4332 Sgr                     
 40      (led by B. Sugerman)    Open discussion on V838 Mon light echo

Thursday 18

9:00 - 12:15  MORNING SESSION:  Related objects and V838 Mon atmospheric parameters     (chairman A. Henden)

 25+10             T. Kipper     Chemical composition of V838 Mon   
 15+5            Y. Pavlenko     Modelling of V838 spectra and SEDs PDF                                                                           
 25+10 D. Banerjee, N. Ashok     V4332 Sgr: a decade after its 1994 outburst                                                                         

                                 Coffee Break (30 min) 

 25+10             M. Siegel     V838 Mon, M31-RV and stellar populations
 15+5         S. Kimeswenger     V4332 Sgr, V838 Mon - global context and relatives in our Galaxy                         
 15+5 E. Barsukova, V. Goranskij Comparative analysis of blue spectra of the peculiar novae V838 Mon                      
                                 and V4332 Sgr in the quiet state after their outbursts                                   

AFTERNOON (leaving at 13:30): Visit to the telescopes and dinner in a Canarian style restaurant

Friday 19

9:00 - 12:20  MORNING SESSION: Evolutionary status and outburst mechanisms               (chairman T. Kipper)

 25+10           T.M. Lawlor     Evolution models for V838 Mon: born-again binaries and others                            
 25+10            R. Hirschi     The evolution of massive stars                                                           
 15+5               N. Soker     On the main sequence merger model                                                        

                                 Coffee Break (30 min) 

 15+5              A. Retter     The planets-capture model of V838 Mon                                                                                                                       
 60        (led by N. Soker)     Overall discussion on V838 Mon, origin of eruption, 
                                 future observational projects and modeling      

AFTERNOON: Beach volley tournament

Saturday 20

ALL DAY: Excursion to the Volcanoes in the South of La Palma

--------------------------------------- Posters -------------------------------------------------------------------

S. Desidera et al.      : Characteristics of planet harbouring stars
A. Konacki et al.       : A spectrum of V838 Mon obtained at the Keck telescope in October 2005
A. Newman & A. Rest     : A Method for Extracting Light Echo Fluxes Using the NN2 Algorithm
M. Orio & S. Starrfield : High energy observations of V838 Mon
P. Skoda et al.         : Photometry and spectroscopy of V838 Mon at outburst maximum in February 2002
N. Matsunaga et al.     : Near infrared light echo of V838 Monocerotis ?