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Focal Station Setup

- check the MIMIC to see that the necessary filters are in the appropriate filter wheel. Type PCHANGE if necessary to change filter names and/or focus offsets. Type PAUTOFILT <filter> to change the autoguider filter if necessary.

- it is recommended to set the telescope focus to the previous night's value (see TO's logbook); this is done by typing FOCUS <value>, where the focus value is in mm (a FOCUSIMAGE should be done at the start of observing to fine-tune the focus).

- type PSETFOCUS ENABLE to enable automatic adjustment of telescope focus for different filter thicknesses

- type PSETGDFOC ENABLE to enable automatic adjustment of autoguider focus for different autoguider filter thicknesses

- type ADC_AUTO ENABLE to enable automatic adjustment of the ADC when the telescope changes elevation

- type LOAD DISK$USER1:[RL.TAG]TAG_PROCS, followed by TAGLOAD to run the TAGLOAD procedure needed for automatically acquiring Guide Stars.

- type ACQCONFIG <channel> to do the focal station setup, where <channel> is PFIP or AUX.

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