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Starting Up

- Create a DECTERM window on the observing VAXStation (usually, LPVS2) and login as OBSERVER (password known to local staff).
- Now type LPVG and login to LPVG (the VAX 4000) with the same username and password
- Read the news and then see the diskspace available on the datadisk displayed
- Type ICL to start the observing system. Answer the prompts - the MIMIC displays are usually put on LPVS2.
- As the MIMIC screens fill with mechanism positions and settings, check for any `bad status' colours. The colour coding is as follows:

 ¯¯Green: 		 set ok 		 Blue: 		 mechanism moving

Red: error status White: not in use

- During 3pm handover tests, SA or observer should check for bad status, and move some mechanisms in ISIS, A&G Box, Autoguider and AuxPort (if being used). Also, SETUP and WINDOW all the CCDs to be used.

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