Autoguider User manual


Release 4.3 Document issue 3.0
Author : A B Gentles 20 Feb 1995


1.1. Intended readership

This document is intended for all users of the WHT autoguider system. The document is split into two parts. The first part is intended for Telescope Operators who wish to use the Autoguider during normal observing. The second part, the Command reference is intended for engineers and programmers who wish to use the autoguider from the Utility network interface, in a non standard way, or to develop the software.

1.2. Purpose

The manual gives a description of the Autoguider system, and the VME software which is used to guide the telescope. Examples of the standard ways of using the autoguider are given.

This manual does NOT give any ICL command names. Although the normal usage for the Autoguider should be via an ICL session, only a few of the ICL commands pertaining to the autoguider have been implemented, and the rest have not yet been defined. Operation of the autoguider via ICL should be done with reference to WHT-AUTO-3, the user manual for the autoguider D-task.

1.3. How to use this document

The document is divided up into the following chapters:-