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The INTEGRAL autoguider application must be run from the software version 4.5 DEV9. Currently this is loaded from a floptical disk. To configure the autoguider for INTEGRAL, do the following:

1) ensure that the floptical disk marked V4.5 DEV9 is in the insite drive in the autoguider VME cabinet (if not, it should be in the green ring-binder which resides in the same cabinet).

2) power-cycle the autoguider VME and interrupt the startup after several seconds by entering CTRL_C at the autoguider terminal.

3) enter the following commands at the autoguider terminal

4) wait for the system to load from the floptical disk, and select INTEGRAL when prompted during the startup.

In order to configure the autoguider for other focal stations (CASS or UES), which use the default software on hard disk, power-cycle the autoguider VME and select the appropriate focal station when prompted during startup.

Note that the INTEGRAL autoguider application uses the PRIME serial port. CASS and UES use their normal allocated ports.

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