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Observing System

Log out of lpss3 and lpvs1. Log-on to the main system terminal lpvs1 as observer.

We will see a banner asking which system computer to use- type LPVF at the command prompt.

Log-in to LPVF as observer.

When asked if you want to start the observing system reply NO.

At the VMS command prompt type-


This sets the default observing system to and starts it up.

When asked if you want to start the observing system reply YES.

At the VMS command prompt, type-


Answer the observer name and the PATT reference questions. Then when asked if you want to use the current setup respond NO, then select option 11 (WYFFOS using INTEGRAL).

Answer YES to the question about loading the system.

Then at the ICL prompt (hh:mm:ss>) type-

load fixfits

Then go to the Sparc Real time Display (lpss3) and login as observer. Everything starts up automatically.

As this instrument reaches common user status we anticipate that it will be fully brought into the normal start up procedures common to all WHT instrumentation. Hence, the above startup procedure will reduce to logging onto the system computer (lpvf/g) under username `observer', starting ICL, and then selecting the instrument combination required for that nights observing.

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