Editing the waveform tables in the Dutch Autoguider Controller

Page 1 contains the clock line identity information and will need to be selected if another AG chip is ever installed. This page can be displayed by typing '1 list'. Its contents can then be edited by typing '/ <RETURN>'. Once editing is complete, the changes are saved by typing key PF4 followed by ENTER. The controller needs then to be rebooted. Page 1 defines clock line identities, it will therefore need to be edited if another output amplifier is to be selected.

Two of the lines on this page read:

34 1HCK

23 3HCK

This directs charge to amplifier B. If amplifier A is to be selected, these two lines need to be changed to :

23 1HCK

34 3HCK

If another chip is ever used in the WFC it is possible that the V-clocks will also need to be edited. Currently there are four lines on page 1 that read thus :

24 1SCK

26 2SCK

22 1ICK

20 2ICK

If a new chip does not produce an image then these four lines should be edited so that they read:

26 1SCK

24 2SCK

20 1ICK

22 2ICK

This has the effect of reversing the parallel clocking direction of the chip.



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