quickfocusrun Command

This page is part of the ING manual INS-DAS-29 Operations manual for UltraDAS.

Usage: quickfocusrun [<camera_name>] 


Category: Observing System Command
Description: This command builds on the services provided by UltraDAS to provide a graphical user interface (GUI) for performing a quick focus observation. The quick focus observation takes a sequence of exposures at increasing telescope focus, offsetting the telescope north at each exposure. The first spacial offset will be twice the subsequent offsets. A single observation file in the normal run number sequence is produced, and is stored in the current observation directory.



GUI Arguments

camera_name specifies the formal name of the camera to be used for the quickfocusrun observation. This parameter is optional if only one camera is currently available.

number of steps  specifies the number of spatial steps to be performed during the quickfocusrun observation.

size of spatial steps  is the size of the telescope offsets (in arcseconds) between exposures.

size of focus step  specifies the increase in telescope focus (in mm) between exposures.

starting focus  specifies the telescope focus at the start of the exposure sequence.

exposure length  specifies the exposure time for each step of the focus sequence.




quickfocusrun wfc  -  displays the quickfocusrun GUI for the Wide Field Camera.

quickfocusrun can be used in preference to the normal focusrun command to provide a faster method of focussing for imaging cameras.