focusrun Script

This page is part of the ING manual INS-DAS-29 Operations manual for UltraDAS.

Usage: focusrun [<camera_name>] <num_exposures> <exp_time> <start_position> <focus_increment>


Category: Observing System Script
Description: This commands builds on the services provided by UltraDAS to provide a means of performing a sequence of scratch observations at varying telescope focus settings. The sequence of scratch observations are stored in the current observation directory as files, etc..


Arguments:  camera_name specifies the formal name of the camera to be used for the focusrun sequence. This parameter is optional if only one camera is currently available.

num_exposures specifies the number of exposures to be performed during the focusrun procedure.

exp_time is the integration time specified in seconds to the nearest millisecond.

start_position  specifies the start focus setting of the telescope.

focus_increment specifies the increment of the telescope focus setting to be made after each exposure.

Examples: focusrun ingrid 10 6 79.0 0.1  - perform 10 scratch run observations starting at a telescope focus of 79.0, and incrementing the telescope focus by 0.1 for each subsequent scratch run observation. The files to are created in the current observation directory.