filter Script

This page is part of the ING manual INS-DAS-29 Operations manual for UltraDAS.

Usage: filter  <camera> [ filter_setup ]



This script moves the filters for the specified camera.

The INGRID filter script moves INGRID's mechanism wheels in combination to setup certain 'astronometrically useful' mechanism configurations. 

Typically, the script is used to select the wavelength for forthcoming observations eg for J, H or K bands.

Currently (10/11/00) the following configurations are supported:
Pupil Stop
Filter Wheel 1
Filter Wheel 2
blank blank1 blank2 blank4
z cs z clear
j cs j clear
h cs h clear
k_s cl k_s clear
k cl k clear
fe2 cs h fe2
brg cl clear brg
kcont cl clear kcont
hcont cs h hcont

Internally the script builds on the services provided by UltraDAS for the fwheel1, fwheel2 and pstop commands.

Currently (10/11/00) INGRID has only been characterised for conditions where mechanism movement takes place sequentially. In order not to jeopardise the mechanical repeatability of  the instrument (particularly critical for the pupil stop) the decision has been taken to execute individual wheel movements one at a time. At a later date this limitation may be lifted, and the script may be recoded to allow movement in parallel, resulting in a threefold increase in mechanism set up times.

Arguments:  filter_setup is an optional argument which, if specified, selects the required wheel configuration eg J, H, K, K_s etc. Issuing the command without this parameter displays a list of possible configurations.
Examples: filter k_s - select K short mechanism configuration.