ING logobin command

This page is part of the ING manual INS-DAS-29 Operations manual for UltraDAS


bin sets the binning factors for the CCD  in the x and y directions. All subsequent observations use this binning until bin is run again or the camera is reset.


   bin [<camera>] <x> <y>
where x and y are the factors for the x and y directions respectively. Valid binning factors are integers in the range 1..4.


    bin 2 4
sets the binning factors to two in the x direction and 4 in the y direction.

Notes and caveats

The x binning-factor need not be the same the the y binning-factor.

You can bin and window at the same time.

Selecting a binning factor higher than one on either or both axes drops the readout speed down to slow and leaves it there indefinitely. Use the rspeed command to restore a higher speed after you restore the binning to 1x1.

The order of the axes is that of the detector coordinate-space (a.k.a. "d-space"), which may not be the same way round as the output images in the FITS files or the image rasters coming off the CCD.  Try the geometry command if you are unsure of the alignments.

This command was made usable in system s9. It doesn't work properly in s8.