RGO summer students 1956 - 1988

Herstmonceux castle in 1976 (photo by Finn Johannessen)

The summer school of the Royal Greenwich Observatory took place at the observatory headquarters in Herstmonceux Castle in Sussex, each year from 1956 to 1988. The names of the 454 students who attended are given below.

The summer schools were begun in 1956 by the astronomer royal Richard Woolley, with the aim of providing relevant work experience for university students with an interest in astronomy. The students attended lectures provided by RGO staff, participated in night-time observing and undertook small research and technical projects. The students were accommodated in the castle attic. The summer schools typically lasted 6 - 8 weeks.

The 454 students were predominantly UK undergraduates, half of them from Cambridge (95), Oxford (45), St. Andrews (29), Edinburgh (23), University College London (21) and Birmingham (20). Many of the students went on to professional careers in astronomy in the UK and elsewhere.

The list below was compiled mainly from copies of the RGO information bulletin, which gave for each student the surname, initials, and university of origin, and the name of the RGO supervisor. In recent years, ex-students and others (see acknowledgments at the end of the page) have filled in some of the gaps left by the official record, and have also provided photos (see below) and recollections (links in left-hand column of the table) of summer school and subsequent career. Further contributions are welcome.

The right-hand column of the table gives (so far, for the 1956 - 1967 cohorts only) some indication of the student's long-term career.

 Name            Initials     Year  University                Supervisor/group   Subsequent long-term career
 ----            --------     ----  ----------                ----------------   ---------------------------
 Andrews         A. David     1956  Oxford (Oriel)            Solar              Astronomy (Aarhus, Armagh) [wikipedia]
 Crocker         Alan Godfrey 1956  Imperial C., London       Meridian           Physics of materials (Surrey)
 Dixon           Mike E.      1956  Oxford (Balliol)          Bernard Pagel
 Horler          D.F.         1956  King's C., London         Meridian            
 Jones           Derek H.P.   1956  Cambridge (Christ's)      Olin Eggen         Astronomy (RGO)
 Malin           Stuart R.C.  1956  King's C., London         Bernard Pagel      Geophysics, astronomy (RGO, 
                                                                                 Edinburgh, Istanbul)
 Martin          Valerie M.   1956  University C., London     Meridian            
 Matthews        Peter W.     1956  Bristol                   Meridian           Low-temperature? physics 
                                                                                 (UBC Vancouver)
 Mitchell        M.F.         1956  King's C., London         Richard Woolley             
 Sanderson       Sarah        1956  Cambridge (Newnham)       Richard Woolley    (d 1977)  
   (later Sarah Sheffield)
 Sheffield       Charlie      1956  Cambridge (St.John's)     Solar              Remote-sensing (NASA), and
                                                                                 science fiction (d 2002) [wikipedia]
 Tonge           David G.     1956  Imperial C., London       Richard Woolley    Physics (ICL, Polytechnic of Wales)
 Trustrum        George Brian 1956  Cambridge (Trinity Hall)  Solar              Mathematics (Sussex)

(In 1956, the first batch of students included Andrews, Crocker, Dixon, Martin, Matthews, Tonge and Trustrum.
Horler, Jones, Malin, Mitchell, Sanderson and Sheffield arrived on or after 19 August, but may have overlapped 
with the first batch, whose start date is unknown.)

Construction of the solar-telescope building (top, the first to be erected, and later to house the satellite laser ranger) and the equatorial group of telescopes, in 1956 (photos provided by Dave Andrews). Click on a photo for a full-size image.

Country-dancing lessons for RGO staff (and later, students) on the castle lawn, 1956. The teacher (top left) is Richard Woolley. (Photo provided by Dave Andrews.)

 Allen           Margaret J.  1957  Royal Holloway, London    Robert d'Escourt 
 Boersma         Niko         1957  Amsterdam                 Solar
 Crampin         Dorothy Joan 1957  Royal Holloway, London                       Astronomy (NRAO)?
 Deeming         Terry J.     1957  Birmingham                Astrometry         Astronomy (Texas) (d 1992)  
 Dixon           Mike E.      1957  Oxford (Balliol)                                 
 Flynn           Frank H.     1957  University C., London     Astrophysics       Astron. optics, maths teaching 
                                                                                 (UK, Jerusalem)
 Forbes          Eric G.      1957  St. Andrews               Astrophysics       History of astronomy/science 
                                                                                 (Edinburgh) (d 1984)
 Gordon-Smith    R. Tony      1957  Nottingham                Astrophysics       Statistics teaching (Nigeria, 
                                                                                 Oxford Linacre), local politics
 Gray            Thelma A.    1957  St. Andrews               Astrometry 
   (later Jones)           
 Harding         Ted F.       1957  Cambridge (King's)        Solar               
 Hill            Philip W.    1957  Oxford (Balliol)          Astrophysics       Astronomy (St Andrews) (d 1999)
 Hodgkinson      Muriel       1957  Manchester                                    
 Jones           Derek H.P.   1957  Cambridge (Christ's)      Olin Eggen         (see 1956)
 Malin           Stuart R.C.  1957  King's C., London         Olin Eggen         (see 1956)
 Marsden         Brian G.     1957  Oxford (New)              NAO                Astronomy (MPC, CFA Harvard) 
                                                                                 (d 2010)
 Sheffield       Charlie      1957  Cambridge (St.John's)     Olin Eggen         (see 1956)
 Walker          Gordon A.H.  1957  Edinburgh                 Solar              Astronomy (DAO, Texas, UBC, 
                                                                                 Victoria) [CV]
 Whitelegg       Sheena M.    1957  Edinburgh                 Astrometry          
 Wolstencroft    Ray D.       1957  University C., London     Astrometry         Astronomy (ATC Edinburgh) (d 2017) [obituary]

 (During 1957 - 1962, two courses were held each year. The start dates of the 1957 courses are unknown.  
 One course included at least: Boersma, Flynn, Hill, Malin, Marsden Sheffield, Wolstencroft.  
 The other included at least: Gordon-Smith, Walker.)

Some of the 1957 students, from left to right: Thelma Gray (now Jones), Eric Forbes, Sheena Whitelegg, Mike Dixon, Joan Crampin, Margaret Allen. Photo provided by Derek Jones.
Derek Jones on the castle battlements; Thelma Gray photographing the swans in the castle moat; Eric Forbes operating the 12-inch aluminising plant. Photos (click to see full size) provided by Derek Jones.
Left: Niko Boersma on the roof of the solar dome, with the castle, huts (temporary offices) and equatorial group in the background.
Right, upper photo: Brian Marsden operating a Brunsviga mechanical calculator in the Nautical Almanac Office (which was still housed in the huts visible in the photo at left).
Right, lower photo: the Photographic Zenith Tube, with Mike Dixon at left and Sheena Whitelegg at right.
Photos (click to see full size) provided by Derek Jones.

Ian van Breda, Gordon Walker, Terry Deeming and Frank Flynn (top) accompanied (bottom) by other RGO students/staff in a 1957 expedition to the Sussex Downs (photos provided by Gordon Walker).
 Bignell         Ken J.       1958  Imperial C., London       Bernard Pagel      Atmospheric physics (ICL)
 Boersma         Niko/Nico    1958  Amsterdam                 Bernard Pagel
 Deeming         Terry J.     1958  Birmingham                Richard Woolley    (see 1957)
 Dresner         Stephen      1958  University C., London     Bernard Pagel          
 Flynn           Frank H.     1958  University C., London     Alan Hunter
 Hunter          R.B.         1958  Glasgow                   Alan Hunter           
 Malin           Stuart R.C.  1958  King's C., London         Richard Woolley    (see 1956)
 Simpson         T.J. McG.    1958  St. Andrews               Bernard Pagel     
 Tappenden       Jim D.       1958  Imperial C., London       Astrophysics        
 Taylor          Anne L.      1958  Wellesley, U.S.A.         Olin Eggen            
 van Breda       Ian G.       1958  University C., London     Olin Eggen         Astronomy (St Andrews, RGO, 
 Walker          Gordon A.H.  1958  Edinburgh                 Richard Woolley    (see 1957)
                                                                                 Dunsink, Sussex) 
 Drew            D.M.         1958  Bristol                   Astrometry          
 Gosling         D.G.         1958  Manchester                Astrometry          
 Hamson          M.J.         1958  King's C., London         Astrophysics        
 Hill            Philip W.    1958  Oxford (Balliol)                             (see 1957)
 Jones           Derek H.P.   1958  Cambridge (Christ's)                         (see 1956)
 Lambert         D.L.         1958  Oxford (University)       Richard Woolley    Astronomy (Texas, McDonald) 
 Lynden-Bell     Donald       1958  Cambridge (Clare)                            Astronomy (IoA Camridge) 
 Marsden         Brian G.     1958  Oxford (New)                                 (see 1957)
 Peregrine       D. Howell    1958  Oxford (Jesus)            Astrophysics       Maths/physics (Bristol) (d 2007) 
 Renshaw         A.E.         1958  Bangor                    Solar               
 Robinson        D.F.         1958  King's C., London         Astrophysics        
 Shobbrook       Robert R.    1958  St. Andrews               Solar              Astronomy (ANU Canberra) 
                                                                                 (d 2014)
 Wolstencroft    Ray D.       1958  University C., London                        (see 1957)

 (There were two courses in 1958, start dates 30 June and 8 August.)

 Culley          D.           1959  King's C., London         Olin Eggen            
 Eggleton        Peter P.     1959  Edinburgh                 Alan Hunter        Astronomy (Cambridge, LLNL)
 Friedel         Miss M.      1959  Vassar, U.S.A.            Olin Eggen         Astronomy (SAO, NRAO, Michigan)
   (later Aller)
 Griffiths       K.           1959  Cambridge (Clare)         Astrophysics       
 Hill            Philip W.    1959  Oxford (Balliol)                             (see 1957)
 Kundsin         Andrea R.    1959  Wellesley, U.S.A.         Olin Eggen         Astronomy (CfA Harvard)
  (later Dupree)
 Lambert         David L.     1959  Oxford (University)                          (see 1958)
 Melville        Robin        1959  St. Andrews               Astrophysics 
 Pratt           Neil M.      1959  Edinburgh                 Astrometry         Astronomy (ROE Edinburgh)
 Thompson        K.           1959  Manchester                Astrophysics        
 Shobbrook       Robert R.    1959  St. Andrews               Olin Eggen         (see 1959)
 Wolstencroft    Ray D.       1959  University C., London     NAO                (see 1959)

 Addis           Mary         1959  Cambridge (Girton)                            
 Chand           Naresh       1959  Cambridge (S. Sussex)     Astrophysics        
 Chitre          Kumar        1959  Cambridge (Peterhouse)    Astrophysics       Astronomy (Cambridge, Mumbai) 
 Cox             Joyce M.     1959  Cambridge (Newnham)                           
 Flynn           Frank H.     1959  University C., London 
 McCance         Charmian     1959  St. Andrews               Olin Eggen            
 Moore           Lionel W.    1959  University C., London     Olin Eggen            
 Morton          R.           1959  Birmingham                Astrometry          
 Roxburgh        Ian W.       1959  Nottingham                Astrometry         Astronomy (QMUL)
 Taylor          Miss A.L.    1959  Wellesley, U.S.A.   
 van Breda       Ian G.       1959  University C., London     Meridian           (see 1959)
 Wilson          R.           1959  Glasgow                   Meridian            
 Yallop          Bernard D.   1959  Imperial C., London       Olin Eggen         Astronomy / ephemerides (RGO)

 (There were two courses in 1959, as listed above, starting 29 June and 10 August respectively.)

 Aughton         J.E.         1960  Manchester                Astrometry             
 Goldwin         Miss G.      1960  Reading                                       
 Graham          R.           1960  Cambridge (St.John's)     Meridian            
 Griffiths       K.           1960  Cambridge (Clare)
 Lambert         David L.     1960  Oxford (University)                          (see 1958)
 Little          E.N.         1960  Glasgow                   NAO              
 McCosh          A.M.         1960  Edinburgh                 Solar               
 McHugh          G.F.         1960  Exeter                                        
 Norman          A.R.D.       1960  Cambridge (Clare)                             
 Parks           Miss C.      1960  Connnecticut, U.S.A.      Astrometry          
 Rahman          M.B.         1960  Cambridge (Selwyn)        Astrometry          
 Sykes           J.           1960  Birmingham                Solar               
 Thewlis         John? H.     1960  Imperial C., London       Meridian            
 Woodgate        B.E.         1960  University C., London     Astrometry         Astronomy (GSFC) (d 2014)

 Carter          Gordon? J.   1960  Imperial C., London       Solar   
 Doran           Jim E.       1960  Oxford (Hertford)         Astrometry         AI (Edinburgh, Essex)?
 Eggleton        Peter P.     1960  Edinburgh                 Solar              (see 1959)
 Faulkner        John         1960  Cambridge (St.John's)                        Astronomy (Lick Obs)
 Hutchings       Dorothy. E.  1960  Cambridge (Girton)        AR's dept.         Software (RGO)
   (later Hobden) (sister of Judith, 1962)
 Melville        Robin        1960  St. Andrews               NAO
 Morrison        Leslie V.    1960  Aberdeen                  Meridian           Astronomy (RGO)
 Pirie           D.           1960  St. Andrews               Astrometry          
 Pratt           Neil M.      1960  Edinburgh                 Meridian
 Saunders        Jennifer     1960  Cambridge (Girton)        AR's dept.         Astronomy (RGO, Jodrell Bank)
   (later Blackburn)
 Swaminarayan    N.S.         1960  Royal Holloway, London    Olin Eggen            
 Warner          Brian        1960  University C., London     Olin Eggen         Astronomy (Texas, Cape Town) [CV]
 Worrall         Gordon       1960  Birmingham                Olin Eggen         Solar astronomy (Open Univ)?

 (There were two courses in 1960, as listed above, starting 27 June and 8 August respectively.
 Goldwin attended both courses.)

 Akerblad        Goeran A.    1961  Sweden                    Solar               
 Carter          John W.      1961  Bristol                   Astrophysics        
 Friedjung       Michael      1961  University C., London     Olin Eggen         Astronomy (IAP Paris) (d 2011)
 Hawking         Stephen W.   1961  Oxford (University)                          Theo. physics / cosmology (DAMTP)
 Hilton          Elizabeth    1961  Royal Holloway, London                       Astronomy (Royal Holloway), maths teaching
                                                                                 (U. Exeter, Oxford, Swansea)
 Jordan          Carole       1961  University C., London                        Astronomy (UCL, Culham, Oxford)
 King            Brian D.     1961  Manchester                Astrophysics       Physics teaching (Kent)
 Liddell         Heather M.   1961  Royal Holloway, London                       Comp. science (QMUL)
 Lloyd Evans     Tom H.H.     1961  St. Andrews               Astrophysics       Astronomy (SAAO) (d 2014)
 McCrea          Sheila H.    1961  St. Andrews                                  Physics teaching (d 2005)
   (later Rousseau)
 McGeough        Joe          1961  Glasgow                   Astrophysics       Engineering (Edinburgh) 
 Miley           George K.    1961  Dublin                    Astrometry         Astronomy (Leiden)
 Narlikar        Jayant V.    1961  Cambridge (Fitzwilliam)   Olin Eggen         Astronomy, cosmology (Cambridge, TATA, 
                                                                                 IUCAA) [wikipedia]
 Nesbitt         Jill D.      1961  London (Bedford)          Astrometry         
 Smith           Robert C.    1961  Glasgow                   Olin Eggen         Astronomy (Sussex)
 Welther         Barbara L.   1961  Wellesley, U.S.A.         Olin Eggen         Astronomy, history of astronomy

 Aughton         P.           1961  Manchester                Astrometry         Comp. science (UWE); 
                                                                                 science/discovery author
 Brooks          Steve A.     1961  Manchester                Astrophysics        
 Carter          Gordon? J.   1961  Imperial C., London       Meridian
 Davidson        Michael E.   1961  Manchester                Astrophysics        
 Hebbar          V.           1961  Cambridge (Magdalene      Astrophysics        
 Molloy          Miss B.      1961  Cambridge (Girton)        Astrophysics        
 Morris          Miss C.M.R.  1961  Queen Mary C., London     Astrometry          
 Murdin          Paul G.      1961  Oxford (Wadham)                              Astronomy (AAO, RGO, ING, ROE) 
 Price           Mike J.      1961  University C., London     Astrophysics        
 Scott           C.           1961  Leicester                                     
 Smith           P.E.         1961  Cambridge (Queens')                           
 Tatum           Jeremy B.    1961  University C., London     Astrophysics       Astronomy (Victoria, Canada)
 van Altena      William      1961  Berkeley, U.S.A.          Solar              Astronomy (Yale)
 Waterman        M.D.         1961  Cambridge (S. Sussex)     Astrophysics        
 Weller          P.           1961  Reading                   Astrometry          
 Whyte           Miss J.      1961  Bristol                   Astrophysics        
 Worrall         Gordon       1961  Birmingham                                   (see 1960)
 (There were two courses in 1961, as listed above, starting 26 June (end 4 August) and 8 August respectively.)
The first batch of 1961 students. Back row, left to right: Brian King, Carole Jordan, Sheila McCrea, Jayant Narlikar, John Carter, Joe McGeough, George Miley, Tom Lloyd Evans. Front row: Jill Nesbitt, Elizabeth Hilton, Stephen Hawking, Heather Liddell, Michael Friedjung. Photo taken by Robert Smith (who provided all the 1961 photos below). Goeran Akerblad and Barbara Welther are not present. Click on photo to see whole image.
The first batch of 1961 students (now including Robert Smith as well). Left to right: Brian King, Carole Jordan, Robert Smith, Sheila McCrea, Elizabeth Hilton, Stephen Hawking, Michael Friedjung, George Miley, Heather Liddell, Joe McGeough, Jayant Narlikar, Tom Lloyd Evans, Jill Nesbitt and John Carter (who took the photo).
Quadrangle, viewed from castle battlements. Photo by Sheila McCrea.
Elizabeth Hilton, Goeran Akerblad, Joe McGeough, Heather Liddell, Barbara Welther, George Miley, Michael Friedjung. Photo by Sheila McCrea.
Goeran Akerblad, Brian King and Stephen Hawking, on the croquet lawn.
British Legion fete (Saturday 1 July 1961).
Left: Olin Eggen and Jayant Narlikar, probably in the student common room. Right: Robert Smith, Sheila McCrea. Click on photos for full size.
Students' table at debutantes ball in the castle - John Carter, Jill Nesbitt, Carole Jordan, Brian King, Robert Smith, Sheila McCrea, unknown smoker. Formal participation in the ball was limited to students with access to a dinner jacket or evening dress! Click on photo for full size.
Castle floodlit for debutantes ball.

Click here for more of Robert Smith's photos from 1961.

 Bloodworth      Ian J.       1962  Birmingham                Astrophysics       Nuclear physics (Birmingham) 
                                                                                 (d < 2012)
 Brown           Alistair R.  1962  Oxford (Queen's)          Astrometry         Geophysicist (USA)
 Cannon          Russell D.   1962  Cambridge (Trinity)                          Astronomy (ROE, AAO) 
 Evans           Margaret J.  1962  Edinburgh                 Solar              Astronomy (RGO, IOA Cambridge)
   (later Penston) 
 Gasson          Rita E.M.    1962  University C., London     Astrophysics       Astronomy (IOA Cambridge, 
   (later Griffin)                                                               Herzberg)
 Harvey          Geoff M.     1962  Glasgow                   Meridian           Astronomy (Naut. Alamanac 
                                                                                 Office RGO)
 Henstock        A. Rob       1962  Birmingham                Astrometry          
 Hopewell        Paul         1962  Birmingham                Astrophysics        
 Kerr            Ian C.       1962  Glasgow                                       
 Murdin          Paul G.      1962  Oxford (Wadham)                              (see 1961)
 Peach           John V.      1962  Oxford (Campion Hall)                        Astronomy (Oxford)
 Penston         Michael V.   1962  Cambridge (Trinity)       NAO                Astronomy (RGO, AAO, ESA, IoA Cambridge) (d 1990)
 Schofield       Rodney       1962  Cambridge (St.John's)     NAO              
 Stobie          Robert S.    1962  Edinburgh                 Solar              Astronomy (ROE, SAAO) (d2002)  [obituary]

 Brand           Peter W.J.L. 1962  Edinburgh                 Solar              Astronomy (Edinburgh)
 Brooks          Steve A.     1962  Manchester                Astrophysics
 Buckley         Richard      1962  Cambridge                                    
 Cassells        Anneila I.   1962  Edinburgh                                    Astronomy (CalTech) [wikipedia]
   (later Sargent)
 Davidson        Michael E.   1962  Manchester                Astrophysics
 Galloway        Peter J.P.   1962  St. Andrews               NAO              
 Hindle          Janet M.     1962  Royal Holloway, London    Astrometry          
 Hutchings       Judith       1962  Oxford (St.Hugh's)        Meridian           Maths teaching (Reading, Nassau)
   (later Lowe) (sister of Dorothy, 1960)
 King            Brian D.     1962  Manchester
 Napier          Bill McD.    1962  Glasgow                   Meridian           Astronomy (ROE, Cardiff) [wikipedia]
 Rourke          Colin P.     1962  Cambridge                                    Maths (Warwick)?
 Scotter         Denis G.     1962  Birmingham                Astrometry          
 Scruton         (Miss) Terry 1962  Birmingham                                    
 Smith           Robert C.    1962  Glasgow                   Astrophysics       Astronomy (Sussex)

 (There were two courses in 1962, as listed above, starting 25 June and 20 August respectively.)

Some of the first batch of 1962 students: Ian Kerr, Alistair Brown, Paul Murdin, Rob Henstock (all standing), Michael Penston (with camera) and Rodney Schofield (seated). This photo and the next 13 were provided by Margaret Penston. Click on the smaller images to see full size.

Bob Stobie and Geoff Harvey. Rita Gasson and Russell Cannon.
Margaret Evans and Michael Penston. Bob Stobie, Ian Bloodworth, Rob Henstock, Rodney Schofield (?).
Paul Murdin, Geoff Harvey, Michael Penston, Rob Henstock. Mr Langford and Mr Martin at the castle.
Philip Laurie, Maureen Winter and Arthur Milsom (solar). Croquet on the castle lawn.
Rob Henstock. Geoff Harvey, Michael Penston and Mr Martin.
Norman Rhodes (solar), Bob Stobie and Arthur Milsom (solar). Margaret Evans and Geoff Harvey
Margaret Evans and Michael Penston.

The second batch of 1962 students. Back row, left to right: Peter Galloway, Richard Buckley, Anneila Cassells, Terry Scruton, Janet Hindle, Denis Scotter, Robin Catchpole (spending gap year at RGO), unknown (not one of the summer students), Peter Brand, Judith Hutchings. In front, on the ground, left to right: Colin Rourke, Mick Davidson, Brian King, Steve Brooks, Bill Napier. This photo, and the four below, were provided by Robert Smith.
Left: Colin Rourke, Janet Hindle, Brian King, Terry Scruton and Judith Hutchings playing croquet. Right: Janet Hindle, Brian King, Judith Hutchings and Peter Brand in the RGO staff club. Click on photos to see full size.
The rose garden, north of the castle.
Joint birthday party for Peter Brand and Robert Smith, in the refectory. Left to right: Robert Smith, Bill Napier, Robin Catchpole, Janet Hindle, Terry Scruton, Peter Galloway (standing), Peter Brand, Denis Scotter, (fireplace), Brian King, Steve Brooks, Mick Davidson, Richard Buckley, Colin Rourke, Anneila Cassells, Judith Hutchings.

 Bottomley       Cecilia J.   1963  Cambridge (Girton)                            
 Butler          Liz E.       1963  Leeds                     NAO              
 Copas           John B.      1963  Imperial C., London       Astrometry         Statistics (Birmingham, Warwick)
 Curry           Alan L.      1963  Southampton               Ben Gascoigne        
 Davies-Jones    Robert       1963  Birmingham                W. Sargent, DHPJ   Tornadoes (Nat. Severe Storms Lab, USA)
 Grayer          Geoff H.     1963  Birmingham                Astrophysics       Physics (of atmosphere?) (RAL)
 Haller          Miss J.H.    1963  Harvard (Radcliffe)       Astrometry         
 Harvey          Chris C.     1963  Cambridge (St.Cath.'s)    W. Sargent, DHPJ   Solar physics (Meudon)
 Loomis          Joan F.      1963  Harvard (Radcliffe)       George Harding
   (later Lewis)
 Mackay          Ron C.       1963  Edinburgh                 Astrophysics        
 Pluta           Ms Krysia M. 1963  Royal Holloway, London    George Harding          
 Purchase        David E.     1963  Cambridge (S. Sussex)     Meridian            
 Simmons         Tim S.       1963  Imperial C., London       Meridian            
 Wood            Roger        1963  Exeter                    John Alexander     Astronomy (RGO)

The 1963 students. Back row: Roger Wood, Joan Loomis, David Purchase, Geoff Grayer, Chris Harvey, Tim Simmons.
Middle row (sitting on wall or leaning against it): Bob Davies-Jones, Ron Mackay, John Copas (behind Ron and Liz), Liz Butler, Alan Curry.
Front row: Krysia Pluta, Margaret Penston (staff, was student in 1962), Cecilia Jane Bottomley, Judy Haller, Anneila Cassells (staff, was student in 1962). This photo was provided by Margaret Penston (names provided by Margaret and Joan).

The 1963 students again. Back row: Joan Loomis, Krysia Pluta, David Purchase, Geoff Grayer, Chris Harvey, Tim Simmons, Roger Wood, John Copas.
Middle row: Alan Curry, Bob Davies-Jones, Ron Mackay, Liz Butler.
Bottom row: Cecilia Jane Bottomley, Judy Haller. This photo was provided by Joan Lewis (nee Loomis).

 Barker          Ken D.       1964  Liverpool                 Astrophysics        
 Burhouse        Rita         1964  Reading                   NAO              
 Corlyon         J.L.         1964  Hull                      Meridian            
 Craw            Ian G.       1964  Cambridge                                    Maths (Aberdeen)
 Harrison        Richard      1964  Leeds                     Solar               
 Hindle          Chris M.     1964  Cambridge                                     
 Jex             Colin F.     1964  Leicester                 Astrometry         Forecasting, development economics (Lancaster)
 Kirby           Howard R.    1964  Cambridge                 Astrophysics       Transport research 
                                                                                 (UCL, Leeds, Edinburgh)
 Lord            Eric A.      1964  Liverpool                 Astrometry         Maths (Bangalore)
 Moss            David L.     1964  Cambridge                                    Astronomy (Manchester)
 Palmer          Edward W.    1964  Reading                   Astrophysics       
 Pearson         Hilary E.    1964  Oxford                    Astrometry         Intellectual-property law 
                                                                                 (USA, London)
 Pepper          Janet S.     1964  Reading                   Astrometry          
   (later Lord)
 Pottinger       Diane L.     1964  London                    Astrophysics       Astronomy (RGO, NOAO) 
   (later Harmer)
 Renwick         Brian? W.    1964  Edinburgh                 Meridian           Nuclear physics (IAEA)
 Wells           C.S.         1964  Cambridge                 Engineering        
 Wilson          Lionel       1964  Birmingham                Solar              Planetary science (Lancaster) 
 Wilson          W. Brent     1964  Cambridge                                    (Canterbury NZ) (d 1989)[obituary]
 Meyer           Hans         1964  Germany                   (student not included in RGO record of the course)

The 1964 students, left to right: Diane Pottinger, David Moss, Colin Jex, Richard Harrison?, Brent Wilson, Edward Palmer, Howard Kirby, Janet Pepper, ?, Hilary Pearson, Hans Meyer, Ken Barker, Rita Burhouse, Eric Lord, Brian? Renwick, Chris Hindle, and ?, and in the photo to the right, Lionel Wilson (who took the left-hand photo) (photos provided by Howard Kirby).

 Barlow          Ann          1965  Sussex                    Solar              
 Chambers        John P.      1965  Cambridge                 Meridian            
 Clarke          Chris J.S.   1965  Cambridge                                    Theo. Physics (DAMTP, Southampton) 
 Cole            John G.      1965  Aberystwyth               Astrometry         
 Ellis           Shirley A.   1965  Royal Holloway, London    Astrometry         Astronomy (Toronto, NRAO, Jodrell Bank),
   (later Booth)                                                                 Education research (Chalmers U, Lund, Wits, Gothenburg)
 Fawell          Derek        1965  Sussex                    Bernard Pagel            
 Graham          Eric         1965  London                                        
 Hext            Tim J.       1965  London                    Olin Eggen            
 Hoskins         Brian J.     1965  Cambridge                 NAO                Meteorology (ICL, Reading)  [wikipedia] 
 Keddie          Alistair W.C 1965  Glasgow                   Bernard Pagel      Innovation group (Dept Trade & Industry)
 Meacham         Mary Kay     1965  Cleveland, Ohio           Olin Eggen         Astronomy (Virginia, Texas)
   (later Hemenway)
 Parker          M.           1965  Cambridge                 Meridian            
 Pocock          Sue          1965  Edinburgh                 Bernard Pagel      Astronomy (ROE), politics (Edinburgh)
   (later Tritton)
 Ross            Hazel E.     1965  Edinburgh                 Olin Eggen         Astronomy (CWRU, Monterey Inst (MIRA))
 Thomson         Ken J.       1965  Aberdeen                  NAO              
 Webster         Adrian S.    1965  Cambridge                 Bernard Pagel      Astronomy (MRAO, JCMT, ROE)
 Wright          Geoffrey A.E 1965  Cambridge                 Solar              Astronomy (Sussex, Bonn, Manchester)

Front cover of the autumn 1965 'Castle Review', edited by Roy Wallis and Dilys Holter.

 Ansorge         Richard      1966  Cambridge (Christ's)                          
 Baylis          Derek? J.    1966  Swansea                   Astrometry         Biol. systems (Cavendish lab.)
 Emerson         David        1966  Oxford (Brasenose)        Bernard Pagel      Astronomy (Edinburgh) (d 1996)
 Glass           Andrew M.W.  1966  Cambridge (Downing)       Donald Lynden-Bell (Cambridge)      
 Hartley         Ken F.       1966  Leeds                     Pagel / A. Powell  Computing (RGO)
 Heaver          R.B.         1966  Bangor (University)       Solar               
 Lister          Andrew M.    1966  Cambridge (Christ's)      Astrometry          
 Mitton          Simon A.     1966  Oxford (Trinity)          Astrometry         Astronomy; hist. & phil. of science  [wikipedia]
 Morris          Jenny A.     1966  Birmingham (Aston)        NAO              
   (later Skilling)
 Owen            Peter R.     1966  Birmingham                Bernard Pagel      Teaching (RMC Shrivenham)
 Rushbrook       Miss E.J.    1966  Southampton               NAO              
 Skilling        John         1966  Cambridge (St.John's)                        (DAMTP)
 Stewart         John M.      1966  Cambridge (Jesus)                            (DAMTP) (d)
 Storer          Susan H.     1966  Cambridge (Newnham)       Donald Lynden-Bell      
 Whitby          Colin? A.    1966  St. Andrews               Bernard Pagel    


 Burnside        Christine M. 1967  Oxford (Somerville)       D. Lynden-Bell     University admin (Kent) [home]
   (later Eagle)
 Cotton          Alison       1967  Edinburgh                 Bernard Pagel      Sociology (Manchester) (d 2013) [obituary]
   (later Kelly)
 Dopita          Michael      1967  Oxford (Wadham)           D. Lynden-Bell     Astronomy (ANU)
                                                                                 [wikipedia]  [refs]
 Harbour         Reg S.       1967  Durham (Van Mildert)      George Harding     Maths, computing (and squash professional and coach)
 Harding         Robert D.    1967  Cambridge (St.John's)                        Computer science / maths (DAMTP)
 Harrison        Richard      1967  Oxford (Balliol)          Bernard Pagel      Computer science (SYMBIAN)     
 Hess            Susan        1967  Yale, U.S.A.              Magnetic Dept.     Business (USA)
 Howitt          Richard      1967  Wales (University)        Astrometry Dept.   Maths teaching (UK, Kenya, UAE) [home]
 Hunt            Gareth C.    1967  Exeter                    Meridian Dept.     Astronomy (VLA Socorro, 
                                                                                 NRAO Charlottesville)
 Mulholland      John/Sean    1967  Belfast (Queen's)         Bernard Pagel     
 Munday          V. Ann       1967  Exeter                    Michael V. Penston GCHQ; maths teaching
 Penny           Alan J.      1967  Cambridge (Peterhouse)    Bill Nicholson     Astronomy (RGO, SAAO, RAL, 
                                                                                 STScI, SETI inst, CfA, St Andrews) [home]
 Stickland       David J.     1967  St. Andrews               Michael V. Penston Astronomy (RGO, RAL)
 Tritton         Keith P.     1967  Cambridge (C. Christi)    George Harding     Astronomy (RGO, ROE, ING)
 Whelan          John A.J.    1967  King's C., London         Bernard Pagel      Astronomy (Cambridge) (d 1981)
 Wickramasinghe  Dayal T.     1967  Cambridge (Jesus)         Richard G. Bingham Astronomy (ANU) [refs]

The 1967 students, from left to right: Alison Cotton, Keith Tritton, Robert Harding, Gareth Hunt, Ann Munday, Richard Howitt, Richard Harrison, Dayal Wickramasinghe, Sean Mulholland, David Stickland, John Whelan, Mike Dopita, Christine Burnside, Alan Penny and Susan Hess. The photo (click for full size) was taken by Reg Harbour (copy provided by Keith Tritton).

The castle and environs in 1967 (photos by Robert Harding, click for full size):

The library, viewed from the central courtyard.
Croquet lawn, and gardens, behind the castle.
The dome of the newly-commissioned Isaac Newton Telescope, south-east of the castle.
The equatorial group of telescopes.
The Lamb Inn, Wartling.

 Andrews         D.G.         1968  Cambridge (Trinity)       Donald Lynden-Bell      
 Cohen           Martin       1968  Cambridge (Clare)                             
 Davey           A.J.         1968  Cambridge (Trinity)       Donald Lynden-Bell      
 Flinn           Mark R.      1968  Edinburgh                 NAO              
 Fosbury         Robert A.E.  1968  Warwick                   Instrument Development
 Gibbons         Gary W.      1968  Cambridge (St.Cath.'s)                          
 James           I.N.         1968  Leeds                     Bernard Pagel            
 Johnson         G.A.         1968  King's C., London         Astrometry          
 Johnstone       Ros          1968  Cambridge (Newnham)       Bob Dickens         
   (later Flinn)
 McWilliam       Sarah F.     1968  Keele                     Astrometry          
 Owst            A.P.         1968  Edinburgh                 Alan Powell           
 Roberts         Miss E.      1968  Durham (Trevelyan)        Solar               
 Sanitt          Nigel        1968  Imperial C., London       Donald Lynden-Bell      
 Vaughan         G.J.         1968  Birmingham                Russell Cannon           
 Wilson          Andrew S.    1968  Cambridge (Caius)         Richard G. Bingham          


 Ade             Peter A.R.   1969  Queen Mary C., London     Bernard Pagel            
 Brown           Miss F.E.    1969  St. Andrews               Michael V. Penston          
 Futter          D.J.         1969  Oxford (Balliol)          Mr. Dickens          
 Harwood         J.           1969  Oxford (Brasenose)        Keith Tritton          
 Jackson         Miss V.      1969  Cambridge (New Hall)                          
 King            Dave J.      1969  Swansea                   Richard G. Bingham          
 Lane            G.           1969  King's C., London         Donald Lynden-Bell      
 Last            D.I.         1969  Cambridge (Caius)                             
 Mitchell        W.J. Ray     1969  Cambridge (Christ's)      Donald Lynden-Bell      
 Pringle         Jim E.       1969  Cambridge (Emmanuel)      Donald Lynden-Bell      
 Sturge          Alison M.    1969  York                      Andrew Murray           
   (later Pringle)
 Titterington    David? J.    1969  Edinburgh                 Bernard Pagel      Phys condensed matter, radio astronomy (MRAO)


 Alcock          Miss K.      1970  Surrey                    Roger Bell             
 Belcher         Miss P.      1970  Oxford (St. Hugh's)       Bernard Yallop           
 Blandford       Roger        1970  Cambridge (Magdalene)                          
 Chaplin         G.           1970  Cambridge (Peterhouse)    Louise Webster          
 Clayton         Miss F.      1970  St. Andrews               Sue Tritton         
 Gautama         K.           1970  King's C., London         Victor Clube            
 Horton          D.           1970  Sheffield                 Andrew Murray           
 Kellett         Miss E.      1970  Bristol                   Keith Tritton, Alan Penny 
 Marchant        R.           1970  St. Andrews               Bob Dickens          
 Pickburn        G.           1970  Leeds                     Bernard Pagel            
 Shute           M.           1970  London (Westfield)        Roger Bell             
 Strong          A.           1970  Cambridge (Emmanuel)                          


 Carr            Bernard J.   1971  Cambridge (Trinity)                           
 Chaudoir        M.M.         1971  Cambridge (Emmanuel)      Astrometry          
 Harris          C. Stella    1971  Oxford (St.Hilda's)       Louise Webster          
   (later Harris-Law)
 Harrison        Miss J.V.    1971  Oxford (Somerville)       Bernard Pagel          
 Hawkins         Michael R.S. 1971  Oxford (Trinity)                              
 Holmes          J.A.         1971  Oxford (Oriel)            Donald Lynden-Bell    
 Jones           Miss S.B.    1971  Nottingham                Donald Lynden-Bell    
 Kieniewicz      P.M.M.       1971  St. Andrews               Donald Lynden-Bell    
 Philpott        I.F.         1971  Liverpool                 NAO              
 Sharp           Keith P.     1971  Cambridge (Christ's)                          
 Wesson          Paul S.      1971  Portsmouth Polytechnic    Bernard Pagel          
 Willis          R.B.         1971  Oxford (Exeter)                               


 Barritt         J.D.         1972  Aberystwyth               Astrometry          
 Butts           D.           1972  Reading                   Paul G. Murdin           
 Carter          David        1972  Oxford (Hertford)         Michael V. Penston          
 Couper          Heather A.   1972  Leicester                 Bernard Pagel          
 Henbest         S. Nigel     1972  Leicester                 Bob Dickens          
 James           D.A.         1972  Cambridge (St.John's)     NAO              
 Javanaud        Clarissa     1972  Oxford (Somerville)       Margaret J. Penston         
 Lawrie          D.G.         1972  Edinburgh                 John Alexander        
 Ponman          Trevor J.    1972  Warwick                   Donald Lynden-Bell    
 Saunders        Ian W.       1972  Oxford (Jesus)            Magnetic            
 Toop            N.J.         1972  Cambridge (Clare)         Agris Kalnajs          
 Turland         B.D.         1972  Cambridge (Queens')       Richard G. Bingham          


 Barton          A.C.F.       1973  Oxford (Balliol)          J.C. Jackson         
 Butterworth     Paul? S.     1973  London                    Derek H.P. Jones         
 Drennan         A.S.         1973  Belfast (Queen's)         Derek H.P. Jones         
 Exton           Miss H.J.    1973  Manchester                Bernard D. Yallop          
 Fu              W-B          1973  Leeds                     Andrew T. Sinclair        
 Hayman          Peter? G.    1973  Birmingham                Diane L. Harmer      
 Johnston        J.W.         1973  Glasgow                   Charles F.W. Harmer        
 McHardy         Ian M.       1973  Royal Holloway, London    Bernard Pagel          
 Newall          Miss J.B.    1973  Cambridge (Newnham)       Bernard F. Jones           
 Ruggles         Clive L.N.   1973  Cambridge (Peterhouse)    Ed G. Schmidt         
 Smith           Robert W.    1973  Queen Mary C., London     Richard G. Bingham         
 White           M.P.         1973  London (Westfield)        Bernard Pagel          


 Bennett         Anthony J.   1974  Kent                      John Beale, Ken Hartley 
 Cunliffe        Ian          1974  St. Andrews               Astrophysics        
 Davies          Roger L.     1974  University C., London     Astrometry          
 Erickson        Tim E.       1974  California                Astrophysics        
 Gaskell         C. Martin    1974  Edinburgh                 Paul Murdin
 Knobloch        Edgar        1974  Cambridge (St.John's)     Astrometry          
 Lasenby         Anthony N.   1974  Cambridge (King's)        Astrophysics        
 Lucey           John R.      1974  Leicester                 Richard G. Bingham?
 Maxwell         Ann(e?) W.   1974  King's C., London         NAO              
 McAllister      Cathy        1974  Durham                    Richard G. Bingham?
 McMillar        Janet L.     1974  Bristol                   Magnetic            
 Walker          Helen J.     1974  St. Andrews               David Stickland        


 Brown           Alex         1975  St. Andrews               Peter Andrews          
 Cave            Miss R.      1975  Leicester                 Leslie V. Morrison     
 Chaplin         Dave M.      1975  Essex                     Roy E. Wallis      Farming?
 Chu             A.           1975  Aberdeen                  Andrew Murray       
 Coulson         A.P.         1975  Glasgow                   Louise Webster      
 Drew            Janet        1975  Durham                    Bernard Pagel      Astronomy (Herts.)
 Ellery          Lindsey A.   1975  Oxford                    Bob Dickens      
 Lawson          Phil A.      1975  Leicester                 Diane L. Harmer    Computer science (Loughborough) 
 Robinson        Gary J.      1975  Imperial C., London       Charles F.W. Harmer     
 Smith           Robert J.    1975  St. Andrews               Peter M. Corben       
 Stevens         Sharon       1975  Imperial C., London       Michael V. Penston      

The observatory in 1976-8 (next 11 photos by Finn Johannessen, click for full-size images):

David Bonnick Dennis McMullan Chas Parker

Moat Cricket pitch
Castle gardens View towards the folly
Swimming pool Equatorial group of telescopes
Isaac Newton Telescope

Bob Argyle, Dave Pike, Chris Lloyd and Dave Stickland in 1977, probably on the occasion of a Herstmonceux conference. In the background are Jon Godwin (Oxford) and amateur astronomers George Gray and Steve Anderson. Photo (click for full size) provided by Fred Watson.

 Abdullah        S.I.         1976  Plymouth Polytechnic      John Beale             
 Bennet          G.H.         1976  Dundee                    Bill Nicholson         
 Cook            John?        1976  Oxford (Worcester)        Peter Wehinger     
 Evans           N.C.         1976  Brunel                    John Beale             
 Few             Jane M.A.    1976  Cambridge (King's)        Bernard E.J. Pagel    
 Guilbert        Paul W.      1976  Oxford (Exeter)           Michael J. Disney       
 McManus         B.J.         1976  Thames Polytechnic        Leslie Morrison          
 Meston          Miss C.J.    1976  St. Andrews               C. David Pike         
 Rainey          L.D.         1976  Plymouth Polytechnic      Bernard Wellgate          
 Sherrington     Mandy        1976  Leicester                 Sue M. Wyckoff      
 Smith           D.H.         1976  Liverpool                 Bob Dickens, Margaret J. Penston
 Spencer Jones   Jonathan H.  1976  Sussex                    John B. Alexander    
 Stamper         A.           1976  Brighton Polytechnic      N. O'Hora    
 Stephens        A.P.         1976  Cambridge (Selwyn)        Alan J. Penny, John Pilkington
 Tsokos          K.           1976  Birmingham                Chris Lloyd          
 Warren-Smith    Rodney       1976  Cambridge                 Richard G. Bingham      
 Wragg           M.A.         1976  Royal Holloway, London    Keith Taylor         


 Albinson        James S.     1977  Imperial C., London       R. Wallis, D Jones Astronomy (Keele Univ Obs)
 Barnes          Richard      1977  St. Andrews               Keith Taylor       Meteorology (UK Met office) 
 Beardsworth     Robert       1977  Leeds                     Dave Pike          Computer science (Microsoft, Seattle)
 Benn            Chris R.     1977  Bristol                   Bernard Pagel      Astronomy (RGO, ING La Palma)  
 Cook            Michael C.   1977  Cambridge (Christ's)      Derek Jones                          
 Daniels         B. Yasmin    1977  Cardiff                   Peter Andrews      Astronomy (Jodrell Bank, Cambridge U / ALMA) 
   (later Robson)
 Keyes           Robert       1977  (USA)                     Bernard Pagel                           
 Macklin         J. Trevor    1977  Belfast (Queen's)         Bob Dickens        Earth observation (GEC Marconi / BAE)
 Robson          David W.     1977  Oxford (Wadham)           John Alexander     Fusion energy (JET, Culham)                  
 Sieber          Linda J.     1977  Q. Elizabeth C., London   Bernard Pagel      
 Tytler          David J.     1977  University C., London     Nissim Vidal       Astronomy (UCSD)
 Wilkes          Belinda J.   1977  St. Andrews               Dave Stickland     Astronomy (SAO, Cambridge USA, Chandra) 

The 1977 students. Top row: David Robson (with Pip? Warner on his shoulder), Robert Keyes, Yasmin Daniels, Robert Beardsworth, Michael Cook, David Tytler, Trevor Macklin.
Bottom row: Belinda Wilkes, Linda Sieber, James Albinson, Diane Warner, Chris Benn, Richard Barnes (photo provided by Trevor Macklin).

Some of the 1977 students a few months later (and with extra pixels). Top left: James Albinson and Yasmin Daniels. Bottom left: (half of) Trevor Macklin. Centre: Rob Beardsworth (being wrestled by Fred Gedling, 1978 course) and, to Rob's right, Richard Barnes and Linda Sieber. Photo provided by Robert Beardsworth. Same epoch as picture to left, but with fewer photons. Left to right along the table: Chris Benn, Richard Barnes, Rhiannon Evans, Dave Tytler, Michael Cook, Rob Bearsdsworth, Robert Keyes, Yasmin Daniels. In the foreground, left to right, Linda Sieber, ? (in front), James Albinson. Photo by Dave Robson.

Dave Robson, Chris Benn, Yasmin Daniels, Diane Warner and Rob Beardsworth, catching up on course-work (photo provided by Rob Beardsworth, click for full-size image). Rob Beardsworth (levitating, left) and his father, in front of a mirror blank originally intended for a 74-inch telescope in South Africa (not completed, due to lack of funds). Photo provided by Rob Beardsworth.

Other students at RGO in 1977 (photo provided by Finn Johannessen, centre)

 Baron           Ron J.       1978                            Derek Jones / Janet Sinclair
 Bridger         Alan         1978  St. Andrews               Derek Jones / Janet Sinclair
 Dendy           Richard O.   1978  Oxford                    Steve Mayo
 Gardner         Elizabeth    1978                            Bernard Pagel
 Gedling         Fred W.      1978  Leeds                     C. David Pike
 Grayling        C.A.         1978                            Andy Sinclair
 Hartas          John S.      1978  Newcastle                 Martin Ward / Bob Argyle
 Hook            Richard N.   1978  Oxford                    R. Hanson
 Jewitt          David        1978  UCL                       Bernard Yallop
 Ratcliffe       P.J.         1978                            Roy Wallis
 Ross            Nick F.      1978                            Peter Andrews


 Arter           Wayne        1979  Cambridge (Trinity)       Diane Harmer            
 Beard           Steven       1979  Royal Holloway, London    David Clark             
 Didham          Miss E.F.J.  1979  University College (Wales)Gordon E. Taylor          
 Foley           A.R.         1979  Cambridge (Churchill)     Peter Andrews         
 Hassall         Barbara J.M. 1979  Cambridge (Churchill)     Bernard Pagel         
 Maclean         J.           1979  Stirling                  Diane Harmer            
 McMahon         Richard G.   1979  Belfast (Queen's)         Roger Wood              
 Shelley         C.C.         1979                            Bernard Pagel         
 Stepney         Susan        1979  Cambridge (Newnham)       C. David Pike              
 Trask           N.C.         1979  Imperial C., London       Sue Worswick        


 Aldridge        John P.S.    1980  Cambridge                 C. David Pike           
 Bull            P.S.         1980  University C., London     Derek Jones / Bob Argyle
 Chisholm        D.H.         1980  Queen Mary C., London     Derek Jones /Bob Argyle
 Dewar           R.           1980  Edinburgh                 Diane Harmer / Sue Worswick
 Greenlees       J.P.C.       1980  Cambridge                 Bob Fosbury        
 Hearty          Paul         1980  Stirling                  David Stickland         
 Johnstone       Roderick M.  1980  St. Andrews               Peter Andrews        
 Muffett         M.A.         1980  Cambridge                 Keith Taylor         
 Newlove         S.A.         1980  Nottingham                Andy Sinclair       
 Sukhdev         P.K.         1980  Oxford                    Jasper Wall           
 Warren          M.J.         1980  Cambridge                 Diane Harmer / Sue Worswick

The 1980 students. The photo (click to see full size) was provided by John Aldridge (seated, right).


 Burridge        Charis       1981  St. Andrews               John Alexander     Agrochemical dev., statistics (Hyderabad, CSIRO)
   (later Ellis)
 Dove            Andy P.      1981  Oxford                    Bill Martin 
 Dyer            Stella       1981  Leeds                     C. David Pike        
 Ellis           A. Nick      1981  Cambridge                 Jones / Argyle     Seismic exploration, maths (industry, CSIRO)
 Hawthorne       W. Steve     1981  Manchester                Paul Murdin        Science teaching (Brighton)
 Herbert         Alan W.      1981  Cambridge                 Bernard Pagel      Th. phys., hydrogeology (Harwell, Birmingham)
 Maher           George P.M.  1981  Dublin                    Penston / Pettini       
 McDonald        Alastair J.C.1981  Glasgow                   Jones / Wallis     Flight dynamics (ESOC)
 Palmer          John B.      1981  QMC                       Jones / King       (ESOC)
 Reid            Alison       1981  Leeds                     Derek Jones
 Wong            K.B.         1981  Newcastle                 Diane Harmer        
 Wood            Janet        1981  Leicester                 Diane Harmer       Astronomy (Keele)

The 1981 students. Back row, from left to right: George Maher, Alan Herbert (kneeling), Stella Dyer, Alastair McDonald, John Palmer.
Front row: Nick Ellis, Steve Hawthorne, Alison Reid, Charis Burridge, Janet Wood, Andy Dove. Photo provided by Nick Ellis.

 Birkett         Charon       1982  Sheffield                 John Alexander     Satellite radar altimetry (GSFC)
 Capel           Debbie       1982  Oxford                    Diane Harmer            
 Davis           Lee          1982  St. Andrews               Andy Lawrence          
 Dillon          Nicholas     1982  Liverpool                 Andrew? Reid              
 Harrison        Brian        1982  Birmingham                Ken Hartley           
 Meadows         Peter        1982  Leeds                     Alan Penny         Earth sciences    
 Sansom          Anne         1982  Newcastle                 Bob Fosbury        Astronomy (C. Lancashire)
 Small           Robert       1982  Manchester                Richard Bingham           
 Weatherby       Julie        1982  Preston                   Dave Stickland         

The 1982 students. On the staircase, from left to right: Peter Meadows, Debbie Capel, Anne Sansom, Julie Weatherby, and Nicholas Dillon. Foreground: Brian Harrison and Robert Small. The 17th-century carved wooden staircase is in one of the ground-floor rooms on the north side of the castle. Photos provided by Charon Birkett (click to see full size).
From left to right: Brian Harrison, Lee Davis, Peter Meadows, Anne Sansom and Nicholas Dillon.
Charon Birkett at one of the equatorial group of telescopes at Herstmonceux (photo taken by Colin Reid).


 Collins         Richard J.   1983  Keele?
 Crawford        Carolin      1983  Cambridge (Newnham)                                        
 Harman          R.           1983  Leicester                           
 Matthews        P.           1983  Cambridge (Caius)                                     
 Neesham         T.H.         1983  Cambridge (Emmanuel)                             
 Watts           Miss S.J.    1983  Imperial College                          
 Wright          Miss H.E.    1983  Liverpool?                              
 Yates           M.           1983  Edinburgh                                    


 Bird            M.C.         1984                                                
 Caulfield       M.F.         1984                                                
 Coakley         Miss L.M.    1984                                                
 Cockerell       B.T.         1984                                                
 Curry           Miss P.      1984                                                
 Davies          S.           1984                                                
 Hutchison       Miss M.      1984                                               
 Jardine         Moira        1984                                                
 Nicholson       R.           1984                                                
 Puxley          Phil         1984                                                
 Ross            Miss F.      1984                                                
 Sutherland      Will         1984                                                

RGO vs Sussex football match, 1984. Back row (left-to-right): Dave Stickland, Andrew Cameron, Alan Bridger, Dave J King, Esther Zirbel.
Middle row: Rodney Smith, Bill Sparks, Andy Lawrence, Neill Reid, Alan Penny, Ann Monk, Dave Pike, Nigel Ling, Jaime Stein-Schabes.
Front: Anne Sansom, Clive Tadhunter, Yvonne Jenkins, Joss Bland-Hawthorn, Carlos Frenk, Linda Smith (looking back), John Barrow, Manolis Plionis, Antonio Martinez, Jim Skea, Malcolm Gray. Click on photo for full size.


 Acosta-Pulido   Jose         1985  IAC, Tenerife                                    
 Bell            David A.     1985  St. Andrews                                             
 Burrows         Paul         1985  QMC                                      
 Johnson         Dean R.H.    1985  Cardiff
 Parnell         Helen C.     1985  Oxford                                           
 Richardson      Michael G.J. 1985  Cambridge                                       
 Ryan            Jeremy N.    1985  Royal Holloway                                     
 Shields         Andrew J.    1985  Belfast?                                
 Smith           Keith C.     1985  UCL                       Dianne Harmer?
 Vila            M. Begonia   1985  IAC, Tenerife                                    


 Arthur          Sarah Jane   1986  Leeds                     Robert Smith?
 Carranza        Juan-Maria   1986  IAC, Tenerife             Jan Noordam / Chris Benn
 Fazakerly       Andrew       1986  Imperial C., London       Andy Sinclair                      
 Garcia          Ramon        1986  IAC, Tenerife             Leslie Morrison                     
 Hewett          Simmone      1986  Sheffield                 Chris Benn
 Lewis           Ian J.       1986  St. Andrews               Neil Reid          
 McGarry         Ray          1986  Belfast (Queen's)         Don Taylor
 Smith           Penny        1986  Queen Mary C., London     Michael Penston / Toon Snijders
 Woods           John         1986  Oxford                    


 Connolly        Andrew J.    1987  Imperial C., London       Chris Benn
 Fring           Andreas      1987  Royal Holloway, London    Andy Sinclair / Graham Appleby  
 Hendry          Martin A.    1987  Glasgow                   Bernard Yallop / Don Taylor
 Lopez           Angel        1987  IAC, Tenerife             Kieron Leech
 Varela          Antonia      1987  IAC, Tenerife             Derek Jones        
 Wilde           Thomas S.    1987  Cambridge (Trinity)       Don Taylor
 Wong            Ka Lok (Ms)  1987  Imperial C., London       Michael Penston / Toon Snijders


 Bunn            Jenny        1988  Oxford (Somerville)       Elias Brinks
 Cama            Havovy       1988  Cambridge (Lucy Cavend.)  Roberto Terlevich / Michael Penston
 Desilva         Uditha       1988  Cardiff                   Ralph Martin
 Khatri          Tariq        1988  York                      John Webb
 Lacy            Mark         1988  Cambridge (Girton)        Paul Murdin
 Martin          Eduardo      1988  IAC, Tenerife             Chris Benn / Guy Rixon
 Mehta           Ashwin       1988  Manchester                Tom Marsh
 Sanchez         Francisco    1988  IAC, Tenerife             Ralph Martin
 Whyte           Nicholas     1988  Cambridge (Clare)         Keith Tritton
 Ziabicki        Jacek        1988  Warsaw                    Sue Worswick / James Dick

There was no summer school in 1989, due to the impending move of RGO to Cambridge. RGO moved from Herstmonceux to Cambridge in 1990, and closed in 1998. Observational training for students is now provided by the RGO's successor organisation, the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. The ING's pages include a list of students trained there each year since the late 1990s.

The organisers of some of the summer schools were: John Alexander (1963-4), Victor Clube (1965), Roger Wood (1972-3), Dave Stickland (1974-5), John Pilkington (1976?-77), Bob Argyle (1978-9), Chris Lloyd (1984), Bill Martin (1985), Dave King (1986) and Chris Benn (1987-8).

The directors of RGO from 1956 onwards were: Richard Woolley (1956 - 71) (also astronomer royal), Margaret Burbidge (1972 - 73), Alan Hunter (1973 - 75), Francis Graham Smith (1976 - 81), Alec Boksenberg (1981 - 95) and Jasper Wall (1995 - 98).

Herstmonceux in 2006 (photos by Finn Johannessen):

Flamsteed and the tercentenary sundial The observatory science centre in the equatorial group

And some earlier views of the castle:

The castle in 1785.

Map from the 1929 sale brochure.

Information about the history of RGO can be found here.

I'm indebted to the following ex-RGO staff: Janet Dudley and Adam Perkins (library) and Judy Brookes (personnel) for rooting in the archives; and Doreen Oliver for typing the information into an ancient VAX.

I'm also grateful to the many ex-students and supervisors who have contributed information and photos: James Albinson, John Aldridge, Dave Andrews, Bob Argyle, Rob Beardsworth, Ken Bignell, Charon Birkett, Alan Bridger, Alan Crocker, Michael Dopita, Janet Drew, Nick Ellis, Frank Flynn, Martin Gaskell, Tony Gordon-Smith, Robert Harding, Mary Hemenway, Dorothy Hobden, Gareth Hunt, Finn Johannessen, Derek & Thelma Jones, Howard Kirby, Joan Lewis, Eric & Janet Lord, Trevor Macklin, Alan Penny, Margaret Penston, Yasmin Robson, Robert Smith, Keith Tritton, Brian Trustrum, Brian Warner, Fred Watson and Roger Wood (and his contacts) (and apologies if I missed anyone).

The original version of this list of students was published in the September 1987 issue of Gemini, the RGO/ING observatory newsletter.

Chris Benn (crb@ing.iac.es), Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes, La Palma

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