Karpov vs Benn

CRB and Paul Benn Darias (official trainer) in Juan Carlos' office in the Residencia (photo by Ana Lozano).

Anatoly Karpov (world chess champion 1975-85, 1993-9) was in Gran Canaria on the evening of 20 Nov 2002, to play 18 simultaneous challengers, 9 of them via the internet. The sponsors ('Canarias en red', a Canary Island networking project), wanted a player on the Roque, hence CRB's involvement, playing from a PC in the residencia (courtesy of Juan Carlos Perez and Ana Lozano), with refereeing by Jose Carlos and ? of the La Palma Club de Ajedrez. The game lasted 19:30 - 21:30, with a 45-min pause when the server went down in Gran Canaria.

Below are the moves in standard chess notation (recorded by Jose). The coordinates of the squares run a - h left to right, and 1 - 8 from near to far, as viewed by white. Each entry gives the coordinates of the square to which a piece was moved. If unspecified, the piece is a pawn, otherwise B = bishop, K = king, N = knight, Q = queen, R = rook (castle), x = takes, O-O = castling. When the signified move could refer to more than one piece, an additional initial character indicates the column or row of origin. Karpov played white. His move 24 is checkmate. He won all 18 simultaneous games.

    Karpov  Benn
    (white) (black)
 1  c4      d6
 2  d4      e5
 3  g3      Nf6
 4  Bg2     Be7
 5  Nc3     c6
 6  d5      Bd7 
 7  Bd2     Qc7
 8  Rc1     c5
 9  e4      a6
10  b3      b6
11  f4      exf4
12  gxf4    Bg4
13  Bf3     fxf3
14  Dxf3    Nbd7
15  e5      Ng8
16  e6      fxe6
17  dxe6    Rd8
18  Nd5     Qa7
19  exd7    Rxd7
20  Bc3     Nf6
21  Ne2     O-O
22  Rg1     Nxd5
23  Qxd5    Kh8
24  Bxg7

Karpov visited the WHT Saturday Nov 23 with the presidents of the La Palma and Canary-island chess federations. Photos by Javier Mendez.

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The home page of the Interntational Chess Federation (FIDE) is here . A Google search on keywords `fide chess murder' throws up some interesting pages e.g. this one.

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