Best-title awards

To Ba or not to Ba: enrichment in s-process elements in binary systems with WD companions of various masses
(Merle T. et al, 2016, A&A, 586, 151)

GRB 141221A: gone is the wind
(Bardho O. et al, 2016, MNRAS, 459, 508)

2D or not 2D: the effect of dimensionality on the dynamics of fingering convection at low Prandtl number
(Garaud, P., Brummell, N., 2015, ApJ, 815, 42)

Shaken and stirred: conduction and turbulence in clusters of galaxies
(Ruszkowski M., Peng Oh S., 2010, ApJ, 713, 1332)

Saturn in hot water: viscous evolution of the Enceladus torus
(Farmer A.J., 2009, Icarus, 202, 280)

It's a wonderful tail: the mass loss history of Mira
(Wareing C.J., Zijlstra A.A., O'Brien T.J., 2007, ApJ, 670, L125)

Geysers in the lagoon: new Herbig-Haro objects in M8
(Barba R.H. & Arias J.I., 2007, A&A, 471, 841)

A neutron star in F sharp
(Grindlay J.E., 2006, Science, 311, 1876)

Getting a kick out of numerical relativity
(Baker J.G. et al, 2006, ApJ, 653, L93)

When Darwin met Einstein: gravitational lens inversion with genetic algorithms
(Brewer B.J., Lewis G.F., 2005, PASA, 22, 128)

Geminga: a tale of two tails, and much more
(Caraveo P.A. et al, 2004, Mem. Soc. It., 75, 470)

A hierarchy of voids: much ado about nothing
(Sheth R.K., van de Weygaert R., 2004, MNRAS, 350, 517)

The salty scrambled egg: detection of NaCl toward CRL 2688
(Highberger J.L., Thomson K.J., Young P.A., Arnett D., Ziurys L.M., 2003, ApJ, 593, 393)

Shapes and shears, stars and smears: optimal measurements for weak lensing
(Bernstein G.M., Jarvis M., 2002, AJ, 123, 583)
The Planetary Nebula Spectrograph: the green light for galaxy kinematics
(Douglas N.G. et al, 2002, PASP, 114, 1234)

From I see to IC: the perfection of astronomical detectors
(Walker G.A.H., 2000, PASP, 112, 751)

Boomerang returns unexpectedly
(White M., Scott D., Pierpaoli E., 2000, ApJ, 545, 1)

(Lauer T.R., 1998, AJ, 116, 2263)

Rocks around the clock: limits on pulsar planetary systems
(Thorsett S.E., Phillips J.A., 1992, ApJ, 387, L69)

Nominations welcome (for any year). Thanks to Heinz Andernach for contributions.

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