Marconi2 Parameters with UltraDAS + SDSU Gen.2

NB these figures refer to Marconi2 when it was used with a Gen. 2 controller. Converted to Gen. 3 on the 29th May 2007


Device Identification
Chip name Marconi2
Year of manufacture 2002
Serial number 9434-16-4
First light on La Palma May 2002
Description Grade 1 Deep Depletion low fringeing CCD with 550nm AR coating, see image.

Operational Characteristics

Windowing first 50 columns are noisy.

Binning there is no increase in noise up to 4x4.

Vertical CTE 0.999997
Horizontal CTE  0.999998

Physical Characteristics
X Pixel size 13.5 microns
Y Pixel size 13.5 microns
X size in pixels of digitised area 2148
Y size in pixels of digitised area 4700
X size of useful imaging area 2047
Y size of useful imaging area 4611
X start of useful imaging area 51
Ystart of useful imaging area 1
LN2 capacity of cryostat 2.5 litres
Cryostat window thickness 4 mm
Distance from window to CCD 11 mm measured optically
Cryostat window size 30 mm x 60 mm

Operational Parameters
Flooding type none
Operating temperature 168K
Preferred amplifier Left hand

Measured characteristics

Dark current 3e per hour, measured 1 hour after power-up.
Cosmetics No dark or bright columns
Fringing See graph of fringe amplitude vs wavelength

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