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Last update: 20 Jan 2020

Jan 2021Science operations start
Jan 2021Commissioning finishes
Oct 2020Commissioning starts
Oct 2020First light
May 2020Fibre positioner ready for commissioning
May 2020MOS fibres installation on Plate B
May 2020Spectrograph ready for commissioning
May 2020Assembled corrector arrives at the WHT
Feb 2020LIFU completed
Feb 2020MOS fibres installation on Plate A
Jun 2018Operational Rehearsal 3
Mar 2019Rotator arrives at the WHT
Jan 2018SPA meeting 6
Jan 2018WEAVE rotator FDR
Jan 2018Prime Focus Corrector System top-level review
Nov 2017Corrector assembly FDR
Mar 2017OCS FDR
Jan 2016First component (handling trolley) arrives at the WHT
Mar 2015Conference: "Multi-Object Spectroscopy in the Next Decade: Big Questions, Large Surveys and Wide Fields"
Apr 2014Blank for prime-focus corrector lens 1 is ordered
Mar 2014Science CCDs are ordered
Feb 2014First MOS fibre prototype
Jan 2014Final spectrograph optical design
Dec 2013GAIA launch
Nov 2013Five of the six prime-focus corrector blanks are ordered
Jul 2013Final prime-focus optical design
Mar 2013Preliminary design completion
Oct 2012Workshop: "La Palma and Calar Alto Observatories, Science in the Next Decade"
Dec 2011Science case delivery
Sep 2011Kick-off meeting
Mar 2010Workshop: "Science with the William Herschel Telescope 2010-2020"
Sep 2008Report by the European Telescope Strategic Review Committee of ASTRONET on "Europe's 2-4m Telescopes Over the Decade to 2020"



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