EHB MeetingSecond Meeting on
Hot Subdwarf Stars
and Related Objects
6-10 June 2005
La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain


The proceedings for this meeting will be published by Baltic Astronomy as a dedicated issue of the journal. Each contribution will be refereed before being accepted for publication.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts is August 1st. This deadline is final! Summer vacation is not an excuse. If possible, please submit your contributions earlier so that the refereeing process can get going.

The allocated page limits are

  • Talks: 8 pages
  • Posters: 4 pages
Note that 4 pages is also the minimum number of pages accepted for any contribution. If you really (really!) need two extra pages for your contribution, you may contact the Editors (well before the deadline!), and they will consider your request.

All manuscripts must be prepared using the Baltic Astronomy LaTeX style. Please read the sample document Example5 for useful hints and details on how to use the BA style.

Use the manuscript upload form to submit your LaTeX file and figures. When all files are uploaded and the system has checked that your files do not contain any fatal errors, you will get a confirmation that your manuscript has been accepted. This step must be complete before the deadline.

First of all, ...

  • ... include an abstract in your article. This need not be the original abstract submitted for your presentation.
  • ... include an address for correspondence and give an institute name for each author.
  • ... don't alter the basic format regarding line spacing, indentation, etc.
  • ... keep the editors updated on the status of any astro-ph references and supply the full bibliographical details if and when they become available.
  • ... if you change your address before the publication of the proceedings, inform the editors accordingly so that they may ensure that you receive your copy of the proceedings.
Regarding figures and pictures ...
  • ... make sure that for all figures the best possible originals are included. For all plots and graphs, that would be a pure vector-graphics postscript file. Converting a bitmap image (.bmp .gif .jpg .png) into a postscript (.ps .eps) file does not count as vector graphics, and will not produce the required quality.
  • ... do not under any circumstance attempt to modify a postscript figure by passing it through a bitmapping engine such as Gimp or PhotoShop. The proceedings are printed at 2400 dpi, so any shuch conversion will produce Lego graphics.
  • ... you can not use scanned images of plots and graphs.
  • ... when creating your figures keep in mind the book size of the final product. If you generate a figure to cover a full A4 page, and then scale it down to fit by using LaTeX directives, the font size on axes and labels will end up too small. This also applies to the tickness of the lines. It is always better to generate the figure as close to the final size as possible.
  • ... bitmapped images can only be used for pictures and screen-shots.
  • ... if you have pictures in your contribution, please supply us the full resolution original digital image in addition to your included graphics, so that we can generate an image with optimal resolution and contrast.
  • ... if you have screen-shots in your contribution, do not attempt to re-scale the image but submit the original bitmap. Use LaTeX directives to get it to the right dimensions.
  • ... note that full colour photographs and figures are only printed against an additional payment of 350 Euro per coloured page by the individual author. Colour figures must be prepared by using CMYK colour coding (not RGB).