EHB MeetingSecond Meeting on
Hot Subdwarf Stars
and Related Objects
6-10 June 2005
La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

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Preamble, including TOC, List of Participants and Conference Picture   Page i-xi

The 2nd Meeting on Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects
R. H. Østensen   Page 1


The Look-Back Time Evolution of the UV Upturn Phenomenon
C. H. Ree, Y.-W. Lee, S.-J. Yoon et al.   Page 5

Binary Population Synthesis, sdBs, and the UV Upturn
D. Brown, S. Yi, Z. Han and S.-J. Yoon   Page 13

UV Upturn of Elliptical Galaxies
Z. Han, Ph. Podsiadlowski and A. E. Lynas-Gray   Page 17


Hot Subdwarfs in the Galactic Bulge
G. Busso, S. Moehler, M. Zoccali et al.   Page 25

Super-Helium-Rich Populations in Globular Clusters as the Origin of EHB Stars
S.-J. Joo, Y.-W. Lee, S.-J. Yoon et al.   Page 33

The Nature of the Hot Stars in the Bulge Globular Cluster NGC 6388
S. Moehler and A. V. Sweigart   Page 41

New Candidate EHB Stars in the Open Cluster NGC 6791
L. M. Buson, E. Bertone, A. Buzzoni and G. Carraro   Page 49

Spectroscopic Search for Binaries among EHB Stars in Glubular Clusters
C. Moni Bidin, R. A. Mendez, S. Moehler et al.   Page 53

The Peculiar sdB NGC 6121-V46 -- A Low-Mass Double Degenerate Ellipsoidal Variable in a Globular Cluster
S. J. O'Toole, R. Napiwotzki, U. Heber et al.   Page 61

Searching for Pulsating sdB Stars in Clusters
M. D. Reed, D. Kilkenny and D. M. Terndrup   Page 65


Hot Subdwarfs from Low-Dispersion Surveys -- Methods of Extraction & Automatic Analysis
C. Winter, C. S. Jeffery, A. Ahmad and D. R. Morgan   Page 69

A Spectroscopic Search for New sdB Stars from the GALEX Survey
J. Rhee, M. Seibert, R. H. Østensen et al.   Page 77

Searching for the ``missing'' PG Hot Subdwarfs in SDSS and GALEX data
R. Wade, M. A. Stark, R. F. Green and P. R. Durrell   Page 81

The Subdwarf Database: Released
R. H. Østensen   Page 85


Subluminous O Stars
U. Heber, H. Hirsch, A. Ströer et al.   Page 91

Analysis of the FUSE Spectra of the He-poor sdO Star MCT 0019-2441
M. Fontaine, P. Chayer, F. Wesemael et al.   Page 99

Metal Abundances of sdB Stars
H. Edelmann, U. Heber and R. Napiwotzki   Page 103

NLTE Analyses of sdB Stars: Progress and Prospects
N. Przybilla, M. F. Nieva and H. Edelmann   Page 107

New Model Atmospheres for Hydrogen-Deficient Stars: Continuous and Line Opacities
N. Behara and C. S. Jeffery   Page 115

Atmospheric Parameters for Subdwarf B Stars: A Consistency Check Between the Balmer Lines and the Far-Ultraviolet Spectrum
C. Pereira, F. Wesemael and P. Bergeron   Page 123

Improved He Line Formation for EHE Stars
N. Przybilla, K. Butler, U. Heber and C.S. Jeffery   Page 127

FUSE Observations of Germanium, Zirconium and Lead in SDB Stars
P. Chayer, M. Fontaine, G. Fontaine et al.   Page 131

Chemical Abundances of Helium-Rich Subdwarf B Stars
A. Ahmad and C. S. Jeffery   Page 139

Multicomponent Winds in sdB Stars?
K. Unglaub   Page 147

Spectroscopic Analysis of sdB Binaries from the SPY project
C. Karl, U. Heber, R. Napiwotzki and S. Geier   Page 151

Spectral Analysis of sdB-He Stars from the SDSS
A. Ahmad, C. Winter and C. S. Jeffery   Page 159

Non-LTE Metal Abundances in V652 Her and HD 144941
N. Przybilla, M. F. Nieva, U. Heber and C. S. Jeffery   Page 163


Subdwarf B Star Evolutionary Systematics, Conundrums and Cautionary Remarks
E. Green, G. Fontaine, E. A. Hyde et al.   Page 167

The Nature of the Late-type Companions in Hot Subdwarf Composite-Spectrum Binaries
M. Stark and R. A. Wade   Page 175

Monte Carlo Simulations of Post-Common Envelope Subdwarf B Stars + White Dwarf Binaries
B.-Q. For and E. M. Green   Page 183

Subdwarf B Binaries in the Edinburgh-Cape Survey
L. Morales-Rueda, P. F. L. Maxted, T. R. Marsh et al.   Page 191

Discovery of 5 Radial Velocity Variable sdB Stars with Eccentric Orbits
H. Edelmann, M. Altmann and U. Heber   Page 191

Photometric Period Variation of V1379 Aquilae
E. Sipahi, S. Evren, G. Tas and C. Ibanoglu   Page 199

Abundances in the Subdwarf-B Primary of the Eclipsing Binary HW Virginis
A. N. Mortimore and A. E. Lynas-Gray   Page 207


On the Empirical Instability Domains for Pulsating Subdwarf B Stars
G. Fontaine, E. M. Green, P. Chayer et al.   Page 211

Line-Profile Variations in Pulsating Subdwarf B Stars as a Pulsation Mode Diagnostic
C. Schoenaers and A. E. Lynas-Gray   Page 219

Balloon 090100001: A Link Between the Two Classes of Pulsating Hot Subdwarfs
A. Baran, R. Oreiro, A. Pigulski et al.   Page 227

More New sdB-pulsators Discovered with the Nordic Optical Telescope
J.-E. Solheim and R. H. Østensen   Page 231

Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of the Bright sdBV Balloon 090100001
J. Telting, R. H. Østensen, U. Heber and T. Augusteijn   Page 235

Time Resolved Spectroscopy of KPD 1930+2752
S. Geier, U. Heber, N. Przybilla and R.-P. Kudritzki   Page 243

Time-Series Spectroscopy and Photometry of PG 1219+534
S. Harms, M. D. Reed and S. J. O'Toole   Page 251

Four Rapidly Pulsating sdB Stars Revisited
D. Kilkenny, J. P. Kotze, E. Jurua et al.   Page 255

Ultracam Photometry of Pulsating Subdwarf B Stars
C. S. Jeffery, C. Aerts, V. S. Dhillon and T. R. Marsh   Page 259

Searching for Observational Evidence of Tidally Inclined Pulsations
M. Reed and the XCov21 and XCov23 teams   Page 269

High-Speed ULTRACAM Colorimetry of the Subdwarf B Star SDSS J171722.08+58055.8
C. Aerts, C. S. Jeffery, V. S. Dhillon et al.   Page 275

Follow-up Observations of Known EC 14026-type Pulsators
G. Wolf, A.-Y. Zhou, D. M. Terndrup et al.   Page 279

PG 0014+067: WET Observations and a new Twist to the sdB Star Puzzle
S. Kawaler   Page 283

Long-Period Variable Subdwarf B Stars: Prospects for Asteroseismology
S. Randall, G. Fontaine, E. M. Green et al.   Page 291

FUSE Determination of the Abundances of Iron-Peak Elements in the PG 1716+426 Stars
J.-P. Blanchette, P. Chayer, F. Wesemael et al.   Page 301

The Structure of Subdwarf B Stars as Revealed by Asteroseismology
S. Charpinet, G. Fontaine, P. Brassard et al.   Page 305

An Approach to a Stability Analysis of an sdO Star
C. Rodriguez-Lopez, A. Moya, R. Garrido et al.   Page 313

A New Large Ampltude Slowly Pulsating sdB Star
D. Kilkenny, D. O'Donoghue, M. D. Reed et al.   Page 317

The MSST Campaign: 4m Spectroscopy of PG 1605+072
S. Jeffery, U. Heber, S. Dreizler et al.   Page 321


Spectroscopic Detection of G-Modes in a Long-Period Pulsating sdB Star -- PG 1627+017
B. Q. For, E. Green, D. O'Donoghue et al.   Page 327

Magnetic Fields in sdB and sdO Stars
S. J. O'Toole, S. Jordan, U. Heber et al.   Page 329

Photometry of LS IV-14 116
A. Ahmad and C. S. Jeffery   Page 331