7-11 May 2001, La Palma, Spain

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Last updated 7 June 2001
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A conference organised and financially supported by the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes(ING), La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain, with additional support from the Exmo. Cabildo Insular de La Palma (local government) and the Patronato de Turismo de La Palma (tourist board). See the overview of ING and the observatory, strategic issues for ING, or our Public Information for more information on ING, your host for this conference.
The conference will be held in the Hotel Hacienda San Jorge, Los Cancajos, La Palma (see our accommodation page). Upon arrival at La Palma airport, take a short taxi or bus ride to get to Los Cancajos. Buses (every half hour, direction Santa Cruz) and taxis are just outside the airport terminal. Los Cancajos is only about 4 km from the airport (see our travel and accommodation pages).
Scientific Rationale
Recent advances in high-resolution observations, theory and modeling have focused our attention on the central kiloparsec regions of nearby disk galaxies, which often show profound starburst and/or nonstellar activity, accompanied by intricate gas and dust morphologies and kinematics. The origin and evolution of the phenomena occuring in these central regions, their possible causal interrelationships, links to the host galaxies and the appropriate role they play in galaxy evolution, form an intriguing subject which fuels an explosive rate of publications. This conference will review recent progress and discuss the future strategies on this remarkable research field.
Broad topics
  • Star formation in the central kpc
  • Gas & stellar dynamics in the central kpc
  • X-ray view of the central kpc
  • Molecular gas and ISM in the central kpc
  • Molecular tori in Seyfert galaxies and associated phenomena (obscuration, SF, ion. cones, jets, etc)
  • Modelling the ISM
  • The starburst phenomenon on different spatial scales
  • Morphology of the central region
Invited reviews
Speaker Title
Axon Molecular tori in Seyfert galaxies and associated phenomena (obscuration, SF, ion. cones, jets, etc)
BeckmanOpening review (from 1pc to 1 kpc)
Combes Global vs. nuclear starbursts
B. ElmegreenTheory of SF in the central kpc
KnapenGas and stellar kinematics in the central kpc
LeithererSF in starbursts, AGN & composite nuclei
Lynden-Bell Why do disks form jets?
NormanModelling the ISM
MerrittRelationships of black holes to bulges
ScovilleGas in the central kpc
ShlosmanTheory and modelling of dynamics in the central kpc
Weaver X-ray view of the central kpc of starbursts and AGNs
E-mail: centralkpc [at]