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To write data files to a fits tape.


Comments: The program requires the tape to be mounted on a tape drive on one of the Vaxes, normally tape drive MUC1:. If it is a new tape then FITSINIT must be run first. The program prompts for the numbers of the first and last files to be written to tape. The program will search for files with these numbers on the WHT data disc (DISK$WHTDATA:), and write them as FITS files to the specified tape. There is no problem if a file in the sequence is missing. If WRITE_FITS is run to a tape which already has Fits files on it, the program will search for the end of the tape before starting to write, i.e. it will not overwrite existing files unless a FITSINIT is issued.

Fri Jan 7 15:34:48 GMT 1994