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Sets up the data window and resolution parameters for taking IPCS data.


Comments: This is an interactive procedure which prompts for the parameters required to set up the IPCS and the DMS for a given data format. Briefly these are:-

Number of CCD rows (the spatial direction) read out (NROWS). This must be in the range 64 to 256.

Start row on CCD. This must be chosen so that the entire region read out is on the chip.

Number of CCD rows read into buffer. This should not exceed (NROWS -- 7), and may not exceed 255.

Spatial resolution factor along the slit. This can be 1 (coarsest resolution), 2, 4, or 8.

Number of CCD pixels read into the buffer in the spectral direction. This may not exceed 320.

Resolution factor in the spectral direction. This can be 1, 2, 4 or 8; and is normally 8.

The procedure sets the start of the CCD window in the spectral direction to pixel 30, to avoid the unthinned region of the CCD. For details of how to adjust this, and for details of how to set up more complicated windows, refer to Chapter 4 of the IPCS-II Users' Manual.

Fri Jan 7 15:34:48 GMT 1994