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Takes an exposure of an astronomical target, and transfers the data plus headers to an HDS file on the system computer.

Format: RUN <channel> <time> [``<string>'']

Channel: The name of the CCD data acquisition channel to be used.

Time: The exposure time in seconds

Title: A title for the observation (optional)

Examples : RUN RED 1.5 "NGC1068 nucleus"

Synonym: TARGET

Comments: This command takes a single exposure of an astronomical target, collects header information pertaining to that exposure, and transfers both data and headers into an HDS file on the system computer. During the observation the system will report the run number allocated, and will announce the start and end of the exposure. The user will be informed once the data has been written to disk; until this notification has been received, no further exposure can be carried out on this detector channel. Exposures cannot be carried out until the detector has been set up using the SETUP command.

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