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Switching on the IPCS EHT voltage

The procedure for running up the IPCS EHT voltage is given in The IPCS-II Users' Manual, and it is important that the instructions for doing this are followed exactly. In particular it is vital that the observer monitors the real time video display in the IPCS electronics cubicle on the telescope as the voltage runs up, and is prepared to set the IPCS to ``STANDBY'' if the level of illumination is too high.

The observer should also check on the IPCS-II chassis in the blue instrument cabinets, that the corrections for dither and S-distortion are enabled. These are enabled if three green lights on a module towards the right hand end of the chassis are lit. If the dither correction is not enabled, at the ICL interface type:--


If the S-distortion correction is not enabled, at the DMS control window type:--


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