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Directing light to the right cameras

The light path is shown on the CAGB; ISIS; and ISIS_SLIT screens of the Mimic display. The spectrograph can be configured for any combination of channels with the ISIS_CONFIG command, or the folding mirrors moved explicitly with BFOLD and RFOLD. To get light from the comparison lamps to the cameras the user must ensure that the ACQCOMP mirror is in place in the A&G box; that nothing else is between the mirror and the slit (particularly that the Lid Cover is open); that a comparison lamp is on, and if the IPCS is in use that an appropriate neutral density filter is in the comparison beam. A typical sequence of commands is:--

It may be necessary to move any of MAINFILTND; MAINFILTC; FLENS_CALC_POL; HW_POLAR; QW_POLAR; ANAMORPHOTIC and any of the four ISIS filters to the appropriate position.

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