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Setting up the IPCS

Instructions for starting up the IPCS are given in `` The IPCS-II Users' Manual, by J.S.B. Dick'' and these instructions should be obeyed exactly to ensure safety for the IPCS image intensifier. Ensure also that the raw video display in the control room is working, and that the ``Panic Button'', closes the shutter immediately it has been pressed.

The ICL commands to open and close the blue arm shutter when the IPCS is on the spectrograph are:--

IPCSOPEN or IPO to open the shutter;


IPCSCLOSE or IPC to close the shutter.

If the ``Panic Button'' is pressed to close the shutter then IPCSCLOSE must be issued before attempting to open the shutter again.

The IPCS is easily damaged by bright light, so care must be taken when setting up and observing. Particular care is necessary when using the tungsten lamp for the rotation and scan correction setup, as this lamp is very bright. A substantial amount of neutral density is required to reduce the intensity of the lamp to a safe level, and it is recommended that users begin with at least ND4.2 ( COMPFILTA ND3.0 and COMPFILTB ND1.2) in the beam and reduce it slowly if necessary.

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