MIMIC Commands

Mark Jeffries

December 17, 1996



The mimic interface can be used either straight from ICL or it can be spawned as a seperate subprocess if multiple commands are required.

At times ICL can tie up the mimic interface if this happens, indicated by ICL saying that the process requires further data ``<CR> to abort'' try typing NO then pressing return twice if pressing return alone does not work.

Using from ICL

Commands can be entered one at a time using the MIMIC command.

Getting help

Going to next screen

Going to next screen

Going to next screen

Going to a specified page

Updating the screen

Selecting or Re-starting the Mimic

The MIMIC may be run on either the Vaxstation or the IKON. The command below allows the user to re-start the MIMIC on either display device. If a MIMIC is already running it will be stopped first.

Re-starting the MIMIC

Using a seperate process

By using a seperate process for the mimic interface multiple commands can be used and interaction problems with ICL can be avoided. All the commands given above can be used, but in this case the MIMIC keyword before them is left out. Furthermore the keypad can be used to enter the commands. Further information on the mimic interface can be found by entering HELP inside it.

Entering the mimic interface

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